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WWE NXT: Aleister Black will probably get booked for NXT Takeover

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As we saw on NXT, most of the card for Takeover has been announced. We will be getting a title defense from Bobby Roode, Asuka, and Authors of Pain. While there is still a bit over two weeks to go until Takeover, there is still a few superstars who have not been booked yet.

One of them happens to be Aleister Black, who is undefeated since he made his NXT debut at the Takeover before Wrestlemania. Being how the WWE has booked him and how they have invested a lot of TV time in the last few weeks, it would almost be a certain that we see him at Brooklyn. The only question that the WWE needs to answer who do they have him go up against.

Right off the back, I don’t see it being Bobby Fish or Kyle O’Reily as they both recently made their NXT debuts and I don’t see them being on the card right away. So you are left with only a few choices and the one who I am thinking is Hideo Itami. We have seen a recent change in his character that would make you feel that he is now a heel. Hideo is someone who has been so backed up with injuries since he has been in the WWE system that it is interesting what they are doing with him.

As we saw on the WWE Youtube page, Hideo Itami was seen backstage attacking Black after he knocked Itami out with his roundhouse kick. One would figure that the WWE is setting up something between the two of them that will see them having a match at Takeover. My biggest hope for Black is that the WWE puts him in line for the WWE NXT title soon.

WWE NXT Takeover is the night before Summerslam and could be seen on the WWE network.

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