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Game of Thrones: Why The Jaime Cliffhanger Isn’t Really a Cliffhanger

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Game of Thrones season seven continues to impress, as the fourth episode of the season, “The Spoils of War” ended with an epic battle scene. With the Lannisters reaping the benefits of their victory at Highgarden, all looked bright and sunny for team Cersei. But then they heard the sound of horses fast approaching. And sure enough, there was a large mob of Dothraki charging at the Lannister army.

If that wasn’t enough, a few seconds later a dragon appeared in the sky. It was none other than Drogon with Daenerys on his back. To say the Lannister army got slaughtered would be an understatement. Those that were not trampled and cut to pieces by the Dothraki, were burnt to a crisp by Dany’s favorite dragon. But the Lannister forced did get one win in the battle, as Bron was able to shoot Drogon in the shoulder with a large spear.

With Drogon down for the count, Daenerys attempted to pull the spear from his body. And this is where Jaime Lannister saw his opening. Picking up a spear, Cersei’s brother charged at Dany and the wounded dragon, as Cersei’s other brother Tyrion watched. Everyone was thinking exactly what Tyrion muttered, knowing this was a foolish move. Sure Jaime had his chance to end the war and end Dany, but she still had a fire-breathing beast right by her side.

So unsurprisingly, as Jaime drew closer, Drogon whipped his head around, and reared back. He let go a fiery burst that would have ended the Lannister for good. But luckily (depending on your view of Jaime), Bron was there to tackle his colleague into a body of water. But this left the head of the Lannister army in a precarious spot to end the episode, as his heavy army was weighing him down. As a result, fans were left to wonder if he is going to live to see another day (episode), or if he is going to drown in that river.

While it may seem like a cliffhanger ending, it really isn’t. Why may you ask? Well quite simple. There is no way that this is how Jaime Lannister ends his run on Game of Thrones.

For starters, let’s rewind the scene a few seconds. Jaime was literally about to be burnt to ashes by a dragon. But the show decided not to go that route. Instead, Bron tackled him into the water. So if they were going to drown him to death, why not just let Drogon do the deed? I’m pretty sure it would have been more entertaining television to have the dragon do the job than let one of the shows more primary characters die because his armor is too heavy.

Secondly, let’s consider his connection to Cersei. Obviously, those two have been close from the very beginning. In this episode, those two characters did not even interact. So how could they have one of them killed off without the two sharing one final scene together? Plus there is the theory that I am a full believer in, that Jaime will be the one who kills Cersei, as he sees she is going mad. He cannot do that if he is dead at the bottom of a river.

Finally, let’s factor in Tyrion’s presence in the scene. We know the Lannister brother was there to witness the event. While Tyrion has hate for those who share his last name (mainly Cersei), he still shares a bond with Jaime. It was Jaime who set Tyrion free a few seasons back when Tyrion was set to die. So understanding the situation, it would make sense for Tyrion to want to save his brother here.

Earlier in the episode, there was some friction between Daenerys and Tyrion because Tyrion’s plans had not been working. This led to Dany pulling the Lannister card on him, and essentially accusing him of helping his family. Tyrion’s desire to save Jaime here could serve as more fuel to further that tension. But Dany will finally give in as she will see some use in interrogating the Lannister general.

So with all of that said, there simply is no reason to expect Jaime to be dead. While it may serve as a cliffhanger, the ending of “The Spoils of War” episode of Game of Thrones should have minimal suspense given the character they decided to put in peril.

What do you think? Is there any chance Jaime is dead? Or are there too many factors that point to him surviving? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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