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Game of Thrones: Is There a Link Between The White Walkers and Warlocks?

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This is going to be a long month and a half. This Wednesday we were treated to a trailer for Game of Thrones season seven. The only problem, we still have all of June and half of July before the show returns to HBO. Thanks to the trailer, I have been thinking about the show non-stop for the last few days.

Like any show or film I look forward to, theories have been running rampant through my head. I constantly find myself trying to figure out how the remaining 13 episodes will play out. On top of that, how will the seven episodes of this season unfold?

As we enter the season, we essentially have four factions. Over in Kings Landing, we have the Lannisters. Setting sail to square off with the Lannisters is Daenerys and her crew (which includes Tyrion, the Greyjoys, Grey Worm, Varys and dragons). The North is where Jon Snow, Sansa and Littlefinger are. I would assume Arya and Bran find their way there by season’s end.

Then we have the White Walkers. Not much is known about the White Walkers yet however. We know they are extremely dangerous and they are coming. Jon is aware of them and he knows there is a great war coming.

Now, my initial thought was this season would be broken down between two battles. Dany and her team would go against, and defeat the Lannisters. And the team in the North would battle the White Walkers. My initial thought was that Jon, Sansa and the team behind the Starks would take down the Walkers, setting up a showdown between Jon and Dany in season seven.

But then I thought more about it. Yes there needs to be some interaction between Jon and Dany at some point. But that does not mean the White Walkers need to be out of the picture. That lead me to the idea of Jon and his crew recruiting Dany and her team to help defeat the Walkers. Because such a dangerous foe simply cannot go down in seven episodes.

Then I began to see some clues that linked Dany to Winter and potentially the Walkers. Dany represents the fire, as she is the Mother of Dragons. The White Walkers represent the ice. So it would make sense that the two will have a showdown.

Back in season two, Dany entered the House of the Undying. In there she had a “vision” of sorts. She would see the Iron Thone destroyed thanks to Winter. The roof was ripped off the building as snow fell. She walked through a large door into the cold. It was a very odd scene that did not make a ton of sense at the time.

After she snapped out of the vision and was back in the House of the Undying, Pyat Pree, a warlock, appeared as Dany walked towards her chained up baby dragons. Pree made chains appear on Dany’s wrists. He told her that when the dragons were hatched, his powers returned. His powers were at their strongest in the presence of the dragons. In addition, the dragons were at their strongest in the presence of Dany.

Before we continue, let me bring this back to the question in the title. A few things we know about the White Walkers is that the color blue is symbolic of them, with their eyes generally being an icy blue. Also, they have some magical abilities.

As for the Warlocks, they are very pale and bony, much like the Walkers. They often have blue lips and have magical powers. These similarities are what prompted my thought process.

Back in that scene from season two, the dragons would kill Pree by burning him alive. Now, given his magical abilities, I am not totally convinced that he actually did die. But the main takeaway from the scene was the idea that the presence of dragons helps fuel the Warlocks power.

That tells me there is some connection between “fire” and the Warlocks. Then I factored in the snowy vision Dany had, which was likely caused by Pree. Could he have been warning her about the danger of “ice” in a sense? The fine details I need to see more episodes to figure out.

There is also the scene in which a Warlock tried to kill Dany (A little girl gave her a call with a deadly bug). Maybe after Dany left Qarth, the Warlocks decided they are best having the dragons without Dany. If they were successful in their efforts to kill Dany, they could have the beasts all to themselves. This is likely because they feel they need them to fight off the Walkers.

There needs to be a way to link Dany and the Walkers at some point. Maybe it could be as simply as Jon coming and asking for Dany’s help in the great war. But my gut tells me there is going to be more to it than that. As things stand right now, the Warlocks seem like that potential link in this writer’s eyes.

So what do you think? Do you think there could be a link between the White Walkers and Warlocks on Game of Thrones? Or is this writer just overthinking things? Tell us what you think in the comments and enjoy the season seven trailer below!


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