Without question, Raptor is the most underrated coaster at Cedar Point. Not the fastest, not the smoothest, and not the most comfortable ( from my personal opinion ), but a very solid coaster all the way around.

To fully appreciate Raptor, you need to understand the body of work manufacturer B&M put into their coasters, especially the inverts.
They’ve made a name for themselves on these rides and are the best in the business.

It’s more than likely you’ve experienced a B&M invert before. Go to any Six Flags park and take a ride on Batman. The first sits at Six Flags Great America. It’s a classic ride that has set the standard for what we know of coasters today.

For the more new school coaster fan, how about Banshee at Kings Island? This is supposedly the benchmark that all B&M inverts will go by for the foreseeable future.

Yet, despite the attention for Banshee and Batman, Raptor is called by some as the best B&M invert on the planet.

Considering the ride was built in 1994, many don’t appreciate just how great Raptor really is. All of the signature B&M invert elements are there. You’ve got your loop and cobra roll, both pretty standard on these types of coasters.

What most find exhilarating about Raptor is its signature finale. The ride
sends you through an intense helix that comes so very close to the ground below. You’ve never experienced a helix like this one.

Trust me when I say you’ll love Raptor. Just because it’s the first coaster you’ll come across once inside the park, doesn’t mean it won’t deliver. It’s one of the signature coasters at Cedar Point.

One of the best creations by B&M, you can’t afford to miss this. And while some may prefer Banshee or Batman, Raptor can more than hold its own.

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