Aside from parking your vehicles, you also use your garage as an area where you place all of your tools, used furniture and other holiday decorations. Your garage has served you for these purposes for years.

However, you’ve noticed that it’s getting harder for you to look for items the moment you need them. Everything is stacked in different parts of the room. It’ll take you hours before you actually find one tool! You can also see that the garage is already cramped, making it difficult for you to move around. All of these things (not to mention the stress you’re experiencing while inside) pushed you to look for ways on how to make storage space in your garage. You want your garage to still have room whenever you decide to place something there.

If you want to make more storage space in your garage, these tips might come in handy for you:

1. Sort out which items are usable and not: Cleaning and sorting out items are chores which should be on top of your to-do list if you want to improve your garage’s storage space. This will allow you to determine which items are still useful and which ones should be thrown out or donated. Or if you have slightly damaged items, you can sell these to make money. You need to do these because if you won’t, you’ll be keeping items which are only taking up important storage space.

2. Have a plan with you: Use grid paper and note all of the measurements in your garage – how big (or small) it is, how much space your car will need and how much room you want to allocate for storing your items. This can help you determine what goes where. While you’re at it, you might consider these things:

● Your gardening tools should be placed near the door for easy access.

● Trash and recycling bins should be within reach because if it’s nowhere in sight, you’ll end up keeping useless junk rather than throwing them out.

● Seasonal items which can include your family’s Christmas decorations and Halloween costumes can be stored out of the way.

3. Stack bins the easy way: Storage bins are easy solutions for all of your storage problems. With the variety of sizes and colors, you’ll surely find one suitable for your needs. But using these can also become challenging especially if these bins are stacked together and you’ll need the one in the bottom. A permanent solution for problems like these is by using storage towers along with your bins. This is an attractive way of providing access to all of your bins. You can also make use of the sides of the wooden frames to mount small accessories like a hose or a fishing rod.

4. Garage ceiling track storage: This is a perfect storage idea if your garage has a high ceiling. You’ll only need plywood, screws and storage bins. Just make sure you label all of your storage bins accordingly so you’ll be guided on where items are stored the moment you’ll look for it. However, some homeowners might be hindered to use their ceiling as another storage option because of their garage doors. If you’re considering buying another one, shop for Amarr doors online for cheap but classy garage doors.

Look Forward To A New Garage: Just because your garage is chaotic now, doesn’t mean that you can no longer use it in the future. When you know what to do with it, you’ll be able to fix your storage problems while adding more in the process. And it doesn’t have to be that hard – with the tips from this article, you’ll know how you can jumpstart this project. Doing all of these might be challenging, but once you’re able to make use of a spacious, more organized garage, you’ll be thankful you did all of these in the first place!

Author’s Bio: George Anderson is a specialist when it comes to garage doors. Working in the industry for over 20+ years he takes pride on helping his clients fulfill their needs when it comes to garage construction. He writes for places like Shop Garage Door and in his spare time, he loves spending time with his family.

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