Sneakers, Hoops, Lifestyle and Hip-Hop.

Being hip is cool and being cool is hip, The Spectator Mag, INSCMagazine’s soon-to-launch, new urban-themed vertical will cover the latest and coolest in sneakers, hoops, lifestyle and hip hop.

Whether it is Nike, Adidas, Puma’s newest line of athlesiure, Kendrick Lamar’s brilliance, the hottest babes to who is balling out on the NBA and college hardwood, SPEC will cover it in the same in-depth style and manner as it’s parent website, INSC.

Be on the lookout for The Spectator soon.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor and joining our team, email 1-3 samples of your work to or reach out to Founder/CEO and Publisher, Robert D. Cobb at, Sr. Entertainment Editor, Lindsey Denn at, Craig Brailler and Nick Collin-Billion via Facebook.

Whether it is featuring the hottest glamour, bikini, fitness and fashion models on Instagram, the freshest up-and-comers in entertainment, the latest in sports, opinion, culture and lifestyle or the latest in fitness and athleisure, INSCMagazine is one of the best around!

From Glamour Girl! to Fitness Focus!, ATHLETIX, home décor, dating, entertainment and relationships to the latest business, tech and food trends, INSC has you covered! With a combined social media reach of 30K and 13.5K subscribers, dare to be different and check us out now!

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