Bubble Soccer

Human Bubble Soccer is such an innovative and fun game, which gets bigger every year. Playing Bubble Soccer is easy, and it offers all the thrills of a conventional sport with a twist of a unique set of equipment.

If this is your first time playing Bubble Soccer in Melbourne or Sydney you may need some tips and tricks to make your bubble soccer event successful and smooth.

You might be a little nervous knowing about playing soccer in a giant bubble, but it is fun a great exercise.

Now with the below tips, let’s make sure your bubble soccer session runs smoothly, and your guests have a great time.

Make Sure You Land on the Bubble

Falling is normal while playing bubble soccer, that’s why you are a giant bubble, but just because most of your body is covered with the ball doesn’t mean your legs are. And when you fall, you can hurt your legs and feet.

You cannot avoid falling down as its part of the game, but you can land appropriately while you fall so that your leg doesn’t hurt. Most of the people slow their fall or brace themselves with leg when they get hit, which is wrong; by doing this, they end up hurting themselves.

By landing on the bubble, you won’t bang your knees and hip against the ground. The bubble straps also protect your head so, when you get hit, try to land on the bubble.

Avoid Hitting High

Do you know what the most fun part of playing bubble soccer is? It is knocking people down. When it comes to hitting people down, size matters. The bigger ones are capable of knocking over, the smaller ones quickly.

It’s quite tricky to knock down the bigger people; the best strategy is to avoid hitting high. Go low and target the bottom of your opponent’s bubble because it is difficult to knock the ones who can go lower than you to avoid and also you will be able to anchor yourself against the ground.

By using this trick, you can easily knock bigger people and also be able to save yourself from getting hit by bigger people.

Don’t Stay Down For a Long Time

Falling isn’t the worst part of bubble soccer, but not getting up is. It is not difficult to get up immediately after you fall down, but it becomes tough if you stay down for a long time.

You will get tired, and you may feel comfortable lying on the ground for some time, but the aim is to get up and get right back to action as soon as you get knocked down. It is one of the best strategies to nail the bubble soccer game.

The bubble soccer experts are so good at getting up that it looks like one fluid motion; they bounce back immediately and get into the game.

Don’t Leave the Goal Wide Open

Bubble Soccer is fun-filled sports, and people often get distracted by the hilarious things happening at the ground but remember no position is essential than defending the goal.

The goalies must be attentive and focused so that they can block all the shots coming from all over the field.

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