Tree Pruning

Apart from being beneficial for the environment, planting tree also enhances the beauty of your yard, but it’s not a onetime thing. You have to take care of the trees, as the tree grows, it needs to be prune to keep them in proper shape and health. And taking care of trees on your own can be more challenging.

Who doesn’t want to save the money? Grab a chainsaw, and start pruning. But while saving some money, you might be causing damage to the trees. Proper pruning can help a tree grow strong whereas poor pruning can damage your valuable trees, it’s better to hire a professional. Hiring tree Removal Company is not as expensive as you think, you can easily find an affordable tree service provider near you.

While trimming or pruning a tree, it’s essential to understand the method, perfect timing and whether you are doing in the right way or not.

Either you prune on your own or hire a Professional Arborist at, here are few frequent Tree Pruning or Trimming Mistakes that you need to avoid.

Pruning In The Wrong Season

Before pruning a tree, you need to know the good and bad time to prune, which depends on the type and condition of the tree. If you are not aware of the timing for pruning, it’s better to take advice from an arborist. Hiring a professional like Tree Services Orange County can help you make the right decision for pruning. They can easily suggest the appropriate time for pruning, and with their skills, your trees will be in good shape without any damage.

Due to some accident, you might need to prune the tree immediately for safety purpose. But the best time to prune the tree is in late winter as the trees are dormant and can heal fast.

Excessive Pruning

Branches that looks out of place can be a legitimate reason to prune, but you should always know the limit. Excess pruning can easily damage the tree and lead to death.

Don’t get carried away while pruning, to be on the safe side don’t trim more than 20% of a tree. If you have many trees in a yard, it’s better to get rid of some trees and make a plan for pruning others. It can help you get healthy trees and more light.

Cutting Branches Randomly or Too Deep

One of the common mistake while trimming the tree is cutting branches too close to the main trunk.

By cutting the branches off flush to the trunk, you’re putting your tree on the risk of being damaged. And in case of large branches, if you make the wrong cut, it can fall and tear the main trunk. You have to be very careful while cutting the branches of the tree, and you don’t want to damage the trees.

Removing Top of The Tree Crown

One of the frequent mistakes which people make knowingly is removing the top of the tree crown. Once the tree grows more extensive than expected, it does suits the place or makes the place crowded. And the only option is removing the tree crown or branches across the top of the tree.

There is also a misconception of removing the top of the trees will get them more blooms. But all you will get is an ugly tree. It’s better to know about the tree and its growth before planting in your yard. So that you won’t have to damage the tree and enjoy its shade

Using The Wrong Tools

Pruning involves using tools, and use of proper tools can keep the tree in good shape. Whereas using wrong/dull tools can give a rough cut and damage the tree shape. The improper cut will also increase the chance of infection.

You must be very careful while selecting tools, if you are not confident with the tool better don’t force yourself. Tools in hand of an under-qualified handyman can damage the tree. It’s better to hire a tree pruning and trimming specialist and get the job done.

Tree pruning in Melbourne has been easy due to tree service companies. I can easily find an arborist and get the job done. It’s safe for both me and my trees.

Not Hiring a Professional

Pruning is not about getting rid of unnecessary branches. You can’t grab a tool and start chopping off the branches. You need to know about the right technique, tools, and seasons for pruning a tree.

Hiring an arborist can help you make the right decision for pruning. They can easily suggest the appropriate time for pruning, and with their skills, your trees will be in good shape without any damage.

These are the common mistakes which people often make while pruning a tree. With the intention of saving money, people tend to damage the tree. If you can avoid all the mentioned mistakes, you will always have a beautiful yard.

I am not good with tools, so I usually hire a tree service in Melbourne. And if you are also not good with pruning, hire a tree service near you. Investing a few bucks is always better than an ugly yard with a damaged tree.


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