MC David J is not only a Hip Hop producer and musician, but he is also a trumpet player.

Many talented artists in the rap industry only have the ability to rap and use their vocals but MC David J is known to be an actual producer and musician. He produced his life project titled Midnight Library which included samples from known classical music and mellow Jazz. Before releasing music on all streaming platforms, David had a passion for creating Jazz hard copy albums, performing at local cafes around Atlanta Georgia, and selling the albums after gigs. He had no problem performing for free or performing for close to $100 per gig.

With that money, he would simply invest it into his studio equipment and promotion for his music. He also had a job working at his local grocery store and also had his own lawn care business. He would use the money from his jobs to invest in his music career.

David’s musical journey started when he was 12 years old and picked up his first guitar. He then grew curious about wind instruments and picked up the trumpet. Like other young musicians, he joined his school band and developed a love for concert and marching band. Throughout the rest of his years in education, he progressed to become the drum major of his bands and in the meantime learned how to read music.

His band directors always knew he had the potential for greatness and never strayed to invest personal time into helping develop David’s craft in playing his horn. During this time he also perfected his studio production craft with software such as Garage Band, Reason, and Pro Tools. David had a passion for creating lofi and jazz instrumentals. Some of his influences stemmed from artist like J Dilla, 9th Wonder, Nujabes, and Flying Lotus. He would also encounter many other talents that helped David develop his craft for music and take it to the next level.

Some of David’s influences come from artists such as Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, and well-known bands like Earth, Wind, & Fire, and Sade. Speaking of Sade, in his project GO MAD. He also showcases his trumpet skills on his track SADE. This track features other talented musicians and there is no doubt he has plenty of unreleased music showcasing his Jazz skills that will be for the public in the near future.


IG: @mcdavidj
Twitter: @mcdavidj


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