As trend-setters, celebrities play a larger-than-life role in Fashion PR compared to other industry sectors. While A-list celebrities get plenty of attention, emerging brands may develop a relationship with up-and-coming celebrities before they reach their stardom. Especially for luxury or high-end items, Fashion PR still revolves around high-profile events including the Oscars, New York Fashion Week, the Cannes Film Festival and other occasions where fashion takes center-stage.

Giulia Baggnini


Fashion PR creatives are in charge of getting these celebrities and influencers to wear the clothes of the brands they represent. These creatives have to have different skills such as a very good knowledge of Fashion and sense of style. But most important, celebrity stylists and high profile artists have to know them and trust them. That is why there are very few Fashion PR creatives working with the biggest artists in Los Angeles.

One of them is Giulia Baggnini. Born and raised in Italy she was one of the first Italian girls to start a successful fashion blog back in the day. She was only 15 and started to get noticed by the biggest press, designers, and stylists. Giulia was featured in Elle, Marie Claire, Grazia, Vogue, Gioia, Cosmopolitan IT, Grazia UK, Grazia IT, or Elle Japan. After that, she created a second blog with her friend, which made her even better known in the Fashion industry.

“I was very young when I started my first blog, and I was one of the first ones to do this in Italy. I loved fashion so I wanted to share this passion I had with the world. Additionally, I’ve always enjoyed putting together outfits and looks, so I was also sharing photos of myself wearing my favorite looks, which is something that I really liked back then. After a while I also started writing reviews about fashion shows, new trends, so it translated more into a real fashion blog rather than a blog just about me and my outfits!” Says Giulia.

After the success of her blogs, in 2015, Giulia partnered with a famous group of multi brand shops in Italy: the PozziLei boutiques, and their vintage brand “”, through the management of their social channels. This partnership increased in 2017 when Giulia completed her studies at the Marangoni Institute and decided to focus on the job of Fashion Buyer for the PozziLei Boutiques (located in Treviglio, Crema and Monza) for which she visited the most prestigious showrooms in Milan and Paris (like Fendi, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent) during sales campaigns. The partnership with this group ended in June 2018 when Giulia started to harbor a desire to expand her horizons, move abroad and try new experiences and learn new realities.


That’s when the opportunity of working in one of the biggest Fashion PR agencies in Los Angeles came along. She started to work as a Fashion PR at CLD PR, where she worked close with celebrities, influencers, events and brand development. Baggnini started with the position of VIP Relations Specialist in which she partnered with the most important Celebrity Stylists of Hollywood to dress their clients such as Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Cardi B.

After Giulia was promoted and now holds the position of Influencer Department Director at CLD PR, where she is the leader of a team and works closely with the most important influencers and celebrities and collaborates with them on projects, events and much more.

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