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Glamour Girl! Burmese Beauty! Q and A with Glamour Model, Author and Blogger, Chrissie Wunna

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There is distance, and then there is distance. 5,573 miles to be exact between the Southeastern country of Burma and the northern England county of Yorkshire.

To the uninitiated, when one thinks of Southeastern Asia, images of Vietnam-era oppression, Pol Pot, human genocide, undetonated land mines quickly come to mind. If you are older such as me (41), images of American forces evacuating a fallen Saigon and the sight of refugees leaving en masse to various parts of the world are seared into the back of your mind.

Refugees from Cambodia, Vietnam, the forementioned Burma(now called Myanmar) would eventually re-settle to make new lives for themselves.

Sometimes it’s not about how you start a journey, but how you arrive successfully at your new one. Such as Yorkshire-born and breed Burmese beauty in glamour model, author and blogger, Chrissie Wunna.

The daughter of Rangoon-born parents in Doncaster, the petite Wunna has modeled and appeared in noteworthy publications such as Playboy, The Daily Mirror, The Sun and The Daily Star. As an author, Wunna has published books such as Diaries of a Glamour Puss Model and is the owner of one of the UK’s most well-read blogs, www.chrissiewunna.com 

As an actress, Wunna has appeared in reality television shows such as Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend and movies such as Pirate Radio. The first Asian woman to grace the cover of British men’s magazine, Zoo, the 36-year-old stunner is known across the pond as “Ultimate Glamour Puss”

She may be 100 percent Burmese, but she is all England! Below is my Q and A with Chrissie as we talk travel, romance, Hollywood and kicking it with Paris Hilton.

Name: Chrissie Wunna

Age: 36

Birthplace: Doncaster, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Height: 5’4

Measurements: 32-23-35

Social Media Links: Website: www.chrissiewunna.com | Twitter: @Chrissiewunna | Instagram: @Chrissiewunna | Snapchat: chrissiewunna1| Facebook: @chrissiewunnadotcom

Notable Media and Publications: Zoo Magazine,Playboy, The Daily Mirror, The Sun and The Daily Star. Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend, Pirate Radio.

What’s the most romantic trip you dream of going on? Romance to me doesn’t have to be a huge expensive dream trip. I’m pretty easy going. I love grand gestures of course. Yet, I love all thoughtfulness in any form. I love to be happily surprised when it comes to love and romance. I’m a hopeless romantic. It’s all very tragic. Lol

Tell me about the most interesting place you’ve ever travelled to? I’ve been all over the world. I’m Burmese, so going to Burma was the most interesting place I’ve ever visited. I went to the slums and the golden palaces all in one day…and it so was crazy to see the difference between the two walks of life, in such close proximity. I literally bought gems with high society and then played games out in the slums with ‘the help.’ I loved it!

Tell me about your most embarrassing moment on  reality show, Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend? I loved every moment I had in that house. It was a great time. A great show to have been on in your 20’s. It was ALL pretty cringe now that I look back on it…but regardless, I have great memories from that time. Priceless memories!

Why did you decide to enter the show and would you do it again? I’d do it again and I’d win it the second time around. Lol. I had just moved back to Yorkshire from Hollywood. I was bored and went to the audition with a friend. It was rammed and they were auditioning girls 20 at a time. I got on it though. 2 weeks later, I was living in the BBF house trying to be besties with Hilton for the telly.

What type of men are you attracted to? Sexy, funny, handsome, gentlemen. They have to have a spirit that plays well with mine and someone that hopes to find their true love. I like them to have drive and ambition yet also to be a great family man….Just a good guy who knows how to treat a girl well.

What magazines have you been featured in? Soooo many!!! Do I have to list them all??? Lol. Just lots!

Dog or Cat? Cat!!! I have a kitten named ‘Rocco’ I adore him!!! Dogs are too needy for me.

So tell us about your blog and how did it start? It started in LA. I lived there for almost 10 years. I would go out every night in west Hollywood when I was young and each morning go to this coffee shop on 3rd and La Cienega…and tell the barista all about my previous evening. It was pretty naughty. But it was always fun! He was 50 something years old and loved my tales.

He actually told me to start a blog. I didn’t know what one was, so refused to because I thought I’d feel really exposed. He convinced me to do it one night…and actually wrote my first blog post for me on MySpace, 10 years ago…That was beginning…and it’s still going but now with its own home on Chrissiewunna.com

Would you consider writing for a magazine your own column?Gosh yes! I’d love to have a column in Cosmopolitan or Glamour magazine…A love life column. It’d be so Carrie Bradshaw…I’d feel like a dating guru.

What gives you the passion to carry on writing? I simply LOVE it and when you love something, be it a job, a hobby or a person…you just can’t get enough. You always find yourself right back there….out of love. I don’t need to find the will to blog…I literally can’t WAIT to blog every night. I hate it when I can’t find the time to!

In 2011, you spoke to the Daily Star about going on Big Brother did you ever apply and will we see you on TV again soon?Yes. I’ve applied before and got all the way through the process. But After weighing it all up, I don’t or didn’t think it’s something I’d want to do now. HOWEVER you will see me back on your telly in the New Year! I can’t tell you anything about it…but it was the greatest experience ever! Be excited!!! One of the best shows I’ve ever filmed.

Any future plans you may wish to share So much is happening…I’ve filmed a show, I’m modelling, I’m writing a book, the blogs never been so popular and I’m relaunching my eyelash line. All in the new year! It’s quite a lot of work…but I’m not complaining.

What would you like to say to our readers That dreams come true.

Special thanks to Chrissie Wunna and King Publishing or their time and assistance during the Glamour Girl! Q and A interview. Email us at inscribermagazine@theinscribermag.com if you feel that you have the look of being our next GG! girl.

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