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There is hot, and then there is Australian-level hot.

For whatever reason, this country seems to produce some ridiculously hot women. Whether it is plus-sized models such as Ashley Graham and Tia Provost or supermodels such as Nicole Trunfio, Elle Macpherson, Miranda Kerr, the Land Down Under is a proverbial factory of hotness.

Not to be confused with my native Cleveland’s factory of sadness, but Australia seems to pump out world-class hotties with the efficiency of a Ford assembly line. Actresses such as Nicole Kidman, Rachael Taylor call OZ home. Other models such as Shanina Shaik, Jessica Hart call the one-time British penal colony terra firma.

Much like them, Sydney-born and London-based Playboy model and glamour model, Larissa Bartolo is also a proud Aussie, through and through.

Bartolo, who has appeared in notable lad magazines such as FHM, Maxim, Zoo and Playboy, is a curvy, head-turning, neck-breaking ode of Aussie goodness this side of Foster’s. Blonde or brunette, it doesn’t matter as Bartolo’s hotness is on point with her fellow Aussie compatriots.

Thanks to a stunning hourglass figured, paralyzing green eyes and a body that doesn’t quit, the 5’4 Bartolo is one of the top glamour models in the world today. Below is my Q and A with Larissa as we talk modeling for Playboy, her choice of tea or coffee and her choice of undergarments.


Name: Larissa Bartolo

Age: 27

Height: 5’4

Measurements: 33DD-26-34

Birthplace: Sydney, Australia

Residence: London, England


Social Media Links: Instagram: @larissabartolo | Twitter: @larissabartolo |Facebook: @larissabartolomodel


Tell us a little bit about you? Born in Sydney, Australia, I began modelling at the ripe age of seventeen. My love for the industry has seen me published in many magazines Australia wide and my big break came in 2014 when I was given the opportunity to shoot for Playboy. I am a fitness fanatic as of late & love being outside and maintaining my figure using things like Free diving, motor cross and Mountain hikes!

Pints or shots? SHOTS FOR SURE!

Tea or Coffee? Coffee in the morning, tea at night!

Puppies or Kittens? BOTH! How can I choose one

Pants or Thong? THONG

Boobs or Bum? BUM!

Early bird or night owl? EARLY BIRD

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