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It is plainly obvious that the nuptials celebrated by the royal family vary immensely from that of the average couples. Cost Figures wedding cost quotes have revealed the incredible financial burden (as well as the nation’s expected economic boon) it took to make this May 19 event happen. In terms of wealth and prestige, it is something a waged person can only imagine in his or her wildest dreams.

Speaking of imagination and dreams, it seems a fairly huge fan-base of single (sadly, even married) ladies around the world would imagine or dream of marrying Prince Harry. In fact, in 2011 there was a growing wave of women from outside of England who moved into the prince’s neck-of-the-woods to pursue their ill-fated mission to become a real princess. Nicknamed “Harry Hunters”, their obsession to become the next Kate Middleton and Princess Diana speaks volumes about the innate female desire to marry ‘the [socially] ideal man.’

With the [very special] exception of the Harry Hunters, single ladies around the world also have a set of common ideal standards that every average man can accomplish. Imagine removing Prince Harry’s birthright and start viewing him as a common man. Several eye-opening facts about his life are truly worth examining.

As far as tradition is concerned, every fiancé ought to ask the permission of the girlfriend’s parents for her hand in marriage. The parents of the future bride will be within their rights to object, delay or accede to that request based on their assessment of the groom-to-be.

If Prince Harry were a commoner who will be judged under the same standards held by the average working people, would he get in the good graces of Mr. & Mrs. Markle? Now that is an interesting question. His courtship might be far from easy, but nonetheless interesting, taking into account his unique personal background.

Unbeknownst to a lot of people, Prince Harry loves to shop for groceries by himself. In fact, it was reported that he’d continue to do so even after he has become the king. If he was a common man, it’s a plus factor to Meghan’s parents (especially her mother) as it reflects a strong sense of domestic responsibility.

Prince Harry’s career as a soldier is something any patriotic American family will be proud to accept. In fact, he has won the respect of almost every pilot in the US Air Force during his training in Arizona. Even without his prestigious heritage, his image is a huge asset to the future in-laws.

If Prince Harry was a commoner, one of the greatest hurdles to his courtship was the publicized nude partying in Las Vegas. That’s something the in-laws (and even his parents themselves) will deem very embarrassing at the very least. One can only wonder whether or not the world will be less forgiving if he weren’t Britain’s fifth in line to the throne.



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