Gotham Harley Quinn

If you are a Gotham fan, you are well aware of Barbara Kean’s transformation over the course of three seasons. When we first met her, she seemed perfectly normal. But things went downhill fast. Really fast. She killed her parents. Then she spent some time in Arkham.

After being broken out of Arkham, she spent some time as a member of the Maniaxs. As of late, she has been teaming with Tabitha to form a badass duo. They are running a club called The Sirens. All while Barb is attempting to becoming the leader of Gotham’s underworld.

Throughout her transformation, one thing has become apparent. That is the fact that Barbara is sadistic, insane, unpredictable and downright crazy. As a result, there has been a popular theory amongst fans. That theory being that it will be Babs who eventually becomes the show’s Harley Quinn.

I will admit, I was firmly a believer in this theory ever since she started down the crazy train path in season one. Then she spent some time with Jerome, Cameron Monaghan’s take on the Joker, during season two. We just got the confirmation this season that Jerome is, in fact, the Joker. This just added fuel to the Barbara is Harley Quinn theory.

If that was not enough, check out a recent image that was released ahead of an upcoming episode. The image features Barb, with two colors sticking out very prominently. Those colors being red and blue. It just so happens that those colors are fairly symbolic of one former Doctor Quinzel.

Showrunners and producers have essentially told us that Quinn is coming. From the sounds of it, that will happen in the season three finale. It also just so happens that Erin Richards, the actress who plays Kean, has teased a major change for her character at the end of that very episode.

So without a doubt, all signs point to Barbara becoming Quinn. In all honesty, I think the move could work very well. I have thoroughly enjoyed Babs and her craziness. So ending the season with her going full crazy and essentially transforming into Harley Quinn would certainly leave me excited for a potential fourth season.

But I need to play devil’s advocate here for a minute. Things just seem to be too obvious here. Seeing Babs transform would be a major moment. But some of the luster would certainly be lacking given it is so widely expected. Instead, introducing a new or different character as Harley would leave fans stunned.

So tell me how the following sounds.

We know Barbara is set for something pretty big at the end of the season. I could very well see her snapping and killing off the likes of Tabitha, Butch and possibly others. She will stake her claim as the leader of Gotham’s world of crime. Set her up as the one sitting on the thrown leading into the next season, with her unhinged personality making her extremely dangerous.

Right after that scene, send fans to Arkham. Here we will find Jerome sitting in a therapy room. He will be going off on a crazy Jerome style. Talking about wanting to kill people. You know, the awesome way Cameron Monaghan does it that makes him so damn good in the role? He pauses suddenly, and changes course by saying “What do you think of the name Mr. J?”.

Just before we get to the credits, the camera slowly turns. We come across the face of a young Doctor, fresh out of college. She smiles. After a few seconds, the camera zooms out a little to reveal her name tag. Just as fans read “Doctor Quinzel”, we hear the actress say, “Whatever you would like to be called Puddin”. End season.

A scenario like this would certainly get fans excited for more.

So while it would be so easy to go the Babs route, I just wanted to make it clear that it is not the only option. Personally, I like the idea of having a Harley Quinn who is on the younger side, around Jerome’s age. Babs is crazy, but not thanks to Jerome and his actions. So by making Barbara into Harley, that dynamic would be missing.

So what are your thoughts Gotham fans? Would you like to see Barbara become Harley Quinn? Or would you prefer to see someone else take on the role? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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