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Green Bay Packers: 5 burning questions For 2016

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With the NFL fast approaching, we will take a look at questions surrounding all teams. This week we head over to Green Bay to see what’s going on with Rodgers and Co. Last we saw them they lost a heartbreaking to the Arizona Cardinals in the Divisional Round of the Playoffs. With The Minnesota Viking looking to gain control of the division for good we wanted to now what the Packers must do to regain their spot back.

Here are the 5 Burning Question For The Green Bay Packers in 2016.

Is Eddie Lacy A Featured Back?

What Lacy will we see in 2016, will we get the 1000+ yard rusher we seen in his first two seasons or we well get the overweight back that struggled to hit the holes and was injury-plagued? Lacy has the talent to be a featured back in the NFL and with Aaron Rodgers, as his QB the pressure is not on him like Adrian Peterson to hit 100+ every game. The Packers do need him to produce, and while they have backs that can fill in, neither has the talent or potential that Lacy has. If he can stay on the filed, we should expect a breakout season. The receivers are healthy which should leave more room for Lacy to operate unlike last season when defenses were able to put 8 in the box. Lacy is a featured back, hands down, he just had a down year in 2015.

Will Devante Adams Be Successful As Third Receiver?

Adams had an up and down 2nd season, so much so that with Jordy Nelson down he wasn’t able to capitalize on the opportunities, which led to a resigning of ex-Packer, James Jones. With Jones did not resign the Packers are showing faith in Adams abilities. Adams finished last season with modest numbers but giving his role, they should-be-better. Dropped balls was an issue, the targets were there but as the 3rd option for Rodgers he wasn’t counted on plenty. With Jones gone he will get a chance to redeem himself, but he still may fall between the cracks with Nelson and Randall Cobb getting the majority of the passes.

Who Will Step Up On The Defensive Side?

The Packers are not a bad defensive team in the least but if a few of the young guys can make an impact in 2016 the Packers could shoot up the charts. Last season the Pack finished 11th in points scored against, great numbers but their secondary was often torched for big gains and late scores. The secondary is basically young as there’s not a player 30 years or older, while that may explain the reason it cannot solely be put on their shoulders. Peppers is 35 and his time is coming to an end but 10.5 sacks is still good for a once dominating DE, but where is his help on the line? Mike Daniels must show he has a motor. 4 sacks in 16 games is good for a spot player, but for a started that’s counted on, he must step it up.

Can They Take Advantage Of Their Division Issues?

The Packers play in the NFC North, and while that may seem like a breath of fresh air, it has been nothing of the sort. In 2015 the Packers could not take advantage of the North’s woes. They finished the year with a division record of 3-3 as they split with each team. The Packers play in a division with the Chicago Bears who finished the season 6-10, the Lions, 7-9 and the Vikings, 11-5. Neither team will be the same in 2016, as the Vikings tasted success and will be out for blood, the Bears are twisting in the wind and the Lions may very well be on their way to a 0-16 season. The Packers cannot expect to make the playoffs while not being able to take advantage of at least the Lions and Bears. The Pack must do better at taking control of their division.

Is The Window Closing?

For all the talk of Rodgers being the best QB in the NFL he has only one ring to show for it. We can make the argument that his talent level has not been the greatest around him but what about Tom Brady, Russell Wilson and other who have less? Is the window closing for the Packers? I ask that for a reason. The NFC has at least a good 3-4 teams, with the Pack being in that bunch, but other than that it’s a bunch of cream puffs. Rodgers is Rodgers, and the ground game is good enough to get the job done, the receiving core still has two players capable of putting up 1000+ yards, and there is still Peppers and Clay Matthews leading the defense. How much more could they ask for? Is it the system, can’t be, it been the same for years. There has to be a hole somewhere, and the Pack must find it quick before they go down like the Titanic.

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