By Gracy Liura

When it comes to the HCG Diet, there’s a lot of questions regarding how it works, and how true are the effects when it comes to anabolic functionality. In stark comparison to other fad diets which seem to operate on the reverse approach to weight loss and body fitness, the HCG diet is almost a complete turnaround for what is expected of a weight loss program.

But does that justify just how magical it really is as a new-age, old-formula program?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone that is normally found within pregnant women. This is due in part to the corpus luteum which amps up the production of HCG within the first trimester of pregnancy. Yet, the HCG hormone is 100% functional in males and females when used as a weight loss alternative and is synthisized to work with other vitamins and anabolic acids to work in both male and females with complete success.


There is a large notion that hormonal inefficiency is one of the core reasons weight problems persist nowadays, and as such, having the low calorie diet like HCG, incorporates hormonal development and functionality is an approach which is almost magical when compared to other fad diets that just want to only focus on calorie intake and excessive exercise.

It’s no secret that these fads have a much slower, if at almost any, evidence that shows they can improve weight loss within a short amount of time; compared to the HCG at least.

The Three Phases Of The HCG Diet

The HCG works in three phases which are detailed below:

Phase One

Phase 1 also known as loading Phase. It consists of beginning the HCG Drops which include hormonal components. While beginning this you will spend two days of loading up on a heavy intake of calories until you get to the second day, where Phase Two begins.

Phase Two

Phase 2 also known as working phase. It has three to upwards of six weeks, the HCG Diet involves daily administration of the hormonal supplement which with only a 500 calories per day diet-plan. With the aid of the HCG drops, hunger suppression is both effective and easy to manage even on a low calorie intake.

Phase Three

Phase 3 also known as stabilization phase. Once your three to six weeks are up, it is then time to stop taking the HCG drops and slowly begin to build a higher calorie intake, slowly building back onto a buildup of sugar, starch, and carbohydrates.

Hunger Suppression

HCG Drops contain and host of amino acids including; Vitamin-B12 which is a core vitamin that promotes healthy hormonal and metabolic processes.

All FDA-approved components are well-known compounds which are used to not only promote healthy metabolic rates, higher energry levels, and hunger suppression but are loaded with a formula that incorporates digestive function and rejuvenating properties that a low calorie intake would normally affect.


When it comes to fad diets and exercise problems, there is always an abundance of how much time can be saved on particular programs with exaggerated results. Customers can claim that anything under thirty pounds can be lost with a diet which is still consistent of carbohydrates, sugar, and alcohol as cheat-days. However the magic of HCG is that with its strict dietary routine and its hunger suppressing patent with healthy additives, there is a drastic cut-down on how long the program has to last for.

While some weight loss programs ask for months of determination and control, the HCG promises a complete change of metabolic rate and a guaranteed loss of almost 2 Llbs per day if you follow their advice. In thirty days, almost a third less than other programs have promised regarding weight loss, there is a drastic, positive change of weight loss which is all thanks to the hormonal, mineral, and vitamin based compounds of HCG Drops and the small-scale dietary plan. Compared to other fads, it seems almost magical when we look at the scientific side of it.

The weight loss doesn’t just happen out of the aid of HCG Drops, but when done right, the calorie intake you take is one of the largest portions in solidifying a complete change of metabolism. But unlike other approaches, there is never a need to over-eat, or stray away from the dietary plan of which only high-protein, and healthy-promoting foods are allowed for the small time you undertake it. Finally there is a way for positive weight loss with such an expedient change when looking at other programs that doesn’t involve what all those other products tell you. The magical way the HCG Diet outdoes all other competitors is purely based on the scientific approach with only your health and its improvement in mind.

After thirty days of HCG Drops, there is an immense change in not only your physical appearance, but due to the persuasion of mineral and vitamin supplements, the dietary change is clear. In almost thirty days, not only has your weight loss improved, your metabolism increased three-fold, and your overall health improved, but your body has already trained itself to take in a lower calorie count than before which helps you in the long run in maintaining a small-calorie based approach. That’s the magic of HCG.

With other diets and weight loss programs, the effect of weight loss is merely a promotional stunt. But with HCG it doesn’t just develop and retrain your body to keep a positive appearance but it also gently enforces weight control, and a metabolic shift which can last as long as you allow it to, helping you maintain a longer, healthier life with direct control to your own weight; all thanks to HCG.

In conclusion, that’s how the magic of the HCG diet works in lowering your weight. It’s a complete change to your everyday fad diets and weight loss programs, and there’s nothing that makes it a fad itself. It is completely based in a healthy, safe, scientific compound which is both expedient and efficient in weight loss and your overall metabolic rate from Phase One to Phase Three. That is the magic of HCG; it does what every other weight loss program doesn’t; it works.

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