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Health and Fitness: 7 Benefits Of Staying Fit That You Need To Know

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By Harshith Joseph

How many times did you consider dieting to lose weight over exercise?

Only when a regular workout accompanied by a diet will make complete sense to your body. This is one of the most common misconceptions that is widely practiced. Exercising makes your entire system function better while dieting is only to keep your intake in control.

Developing a habit of regular exercise will show much more than just physical health benefits. As you keep it consistent, you will experience alertness, concentration, peace and efficiency by busting stress is what you will inevitably experience.

Have you considered hitting the gym or your yoga mat yet? A little apprehensive about it?

Besides every other health problem finds its solution in exercising regularly; you will just love how you feel. So here are 7 benefits of keeping fit that you will wish you knew earlier.

1. Prevents diseases:

Exercise is the best solution to cure any illness and health problems you could probably face. While all cardio exercises keep your heart healthy, by getting it to pump blood well to the entire body, most of your health concerns are taken care off already. It drastically drops the risk of heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, kidney problems, etc. and keeps you at the best of your health.

2. Sense of well being – improves mood and looks

Health conscious or not, a workout will make you want more because you will start to enjoy it. Give it a try, ask people who regularly work out, what drives them, and they will not fail to say that it makes them feel good, fit and healthy. This will in-turn affect your entire mood and make you feel satisfied, and the best part is the physical changes will give you a significant boost.

Even doing simple pregnancy workouts while you’re carrying can help you keep up the pace of your fitness routine and also helps you feel good about yourself. A sense of well-being is very important to be able to improve efficiency and productivity in your daily work.

3. Healthier joints

Are you familiar any person who has joint pains? If you do, just check on their exercise habits. You will never find a person who is involved in regular exercise to be a victim of such a problem. Not using your knees enough can make them less functional and weak. In such a case, the risk is not worth taking, because you would want to walk fine as long as you’re alive, wouldn’t you? So get those knees free from rust and avoid putting on weight to take the stress off them.

4. Confidence

A lot of people have low self-confidence because of their undesired body state; whether overweight or too slim. This can directly affect the way you carry yourself in public. Being unsatisfied with your fitness is the problem, and sparing some time on a daily basis to exercise can solve that in time. Looking at yourself fit in the mirror is a major boost to your self-esteem. Give it a try and see the way you talk and carry yourself with the go get it attitude.

5. Better sleep

Once you get your exercise during the day started off, your nights will be better with a good night’s rest. Also in the process of rejuvenating yourself and making up for the exertion, with the oxygen pumping well your body makes the best of it. Also, while your mind gets relaxed, and you become happier, nothing remains to hold back that rest from you.

6. Speeds up metabolism

Metabolism is everything your body does to turn your food into energy; it varies from person to person. Muscle cells do need a lot of energy for their calorie-burning process; this is because they continue to do so even while not exercising. An extensive workout isn’t the key, but consistency is; doing simple workouts on a regular basis can also do wonders.

As you grow older, your metabolism rate keeps dropping and then exercise is the only hope.

7. Slows down ageing

Did you know that your growth hormones inverses effects of ageing by healing individual skin cells? That means it will eventually have an overall effect on your entire body; a healthy, fit and young you once again.

With our busy lifestyle, sitting at week all day long and uncontrolled eating habits, our health is given the backseat. However, with a little time devoted on a daily basis, you will enjoy staying fit and all the perks of it.

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