Every individual wants to look smart, and attractive in today’s modern world. But a busy schedule doesn’t permit us to take care of our health needs. The product is dedicated to those who are looking for fast weight gaining ways.

It is just a treatment in the form of pills, and syrup. However, for fruitful outcomes, you are required to intake them regularly. If we notice the top weight gaining medicines, apetamin comes on the top, and it deserves it. It is an appetite stimulant, and has been quite popular among women worldwide.

Fact about apetamin that you are eager to know-

  • It is used as a food supplement for weight gaining process as it is not approved as a drug by the FDA.
  • It contains vitamin A, and E, lysine, and cyproheptadine as the main components.
  • It carries side effects like- hunger, and a lower metabolic rate.

Meaning of underweight?

A body mass index of less than 18.5 is a sign of being underweight. Being underweight is more common among girls, and women. However, it doesn’t prove that you are unfit. Being underweight is worse for your health and here are some causes that can make you underweight-

  • Eating Disorders
  • Thyroid problems can cause unhealthy weight loss
  • Diabetes- Uncontrolled diabetes is the most common reason for getting underweighted.
  • Cancer- They often burns a large number of calories.
  • Infections- Several infections like tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS are capable enough to make you underweight.

10 Widely Used Healthy Ways to Gain Weight-

  • For getting enough calories avoid drinking water between the meal
  • Eat the snacks more often
  • To quench thirst, drink a glass of milk. It will provide sufficient proteins, and calories
  • Try weight gainer shakes that are high in calories
  • Use bigger plates to consume more calories.
  • Nuts like Almonds, Peanuts, etc.
  • Dried fruits that are full of vitamins. Such as- raisins, and dates
  • Grains
  • Meat
  • Dark chocolate, and peanut powder
  • To add in more calories, add some cream to your coffee
  • Take apetamin. This muscle-building supplement can help you gain a few pounds of weight
  • Quality sleep is essential for a quality-life. In addition to it, also for your muscle growth.
  • Proteins are to be preferred over the vegetables
  • It is difficult to gain weight but by avoiding smoking you can succeed in your objective.

Benefits of the syrup-

Everybody loves a curvy body. As a result, syrup is widely used by women as compared to men. However, the product is not only meant only for women. Besides them, it is safe for men, and children.

If you are eager to gain weight quickly then the product is manufactured only for you. Have a glance at the role of apetamin in gaining weight, and developing a curvy body.

  • They are legal in the majority of countries
  • They contain a drug that is used to treat allergy symptoms like- sneezing, and watery eyes
  • The obvious benefit of the product is to gain weight
  • The product helps undernourished children to gain weight
  • People have also used it to prepare for the events like bodybuilding shows

Components of the product-

The product contains-

  • Cyproheptadine- This appetite stimulant is approved, and clinically tested
  • Lysine- This amino acid improves your overall health. It helps your body produce digestive enzymes, antibodies, and protein hormones.
  • Vitamins- The product contains Vitamins A, C,D, And E.

Side Effects-

Their side effect arises from its ingredients of cyproheptadine hydrochloride. Acc. to the U.S. Library those side effects are-

  • Dry Mouth
  • Dry thought
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Chest Congestion
  • Headache
  • Weakness in Muscles
  • Distorted Vision
  • Difficulty in Urinating
  • Nervousness


It is a vitamin supplement used for weight gain. For children and adults with chronic disease it is used as an appetite stimulant. For instance- cystic fibrosis.

Who should avoid the product?

Everything is not meant for every individual. The same logic applies here. We are mentioning the reasons, and age groups who should avoid it.

  • It is not advised for the pregnant women
  • If suffering from any allergy you must avoid it, or any other similar product
  • Individual who lives in hot weather
  • Newborn babies
  • If you are addicted to alcohol

When it should be avoided?

The reasons are as follows-

  • If you notice any side-effect
  • After accomplishing the desired weight
  • If it fails to work for you

Are weight gain pills safe for you?

While many people have lost weight, many are still struggling with it. If you are eager to increase your strength, or build a muscular physique there are many ways available like apetamin. The pills, and supplements may be effective if they are taken with whole foods, and proper training.

They include supplements prescribed by the physician. However, if required talk to your healthcare provider regarding the product you are considering.

They are safe, or not is controversy. As everyone is different, what proves beneficial for you can prove risky for another. So, it is advisable to start any of the supplements only after discussing it with your doctor.


  1. Take the dose at regular intervals as suggested by your doctor.
  2. After taking your dose, avoid driving, and operating types of machinery. The dose may decrease alertness.
  3. To avoid excessive sleepiness avoid drinking alcohol while taking the syrup


Apetamin is a vitamin supplement that contains cyproheptadine. It extends your limits of food you can eat in a day.

The syrup is the most common way of taking apetamin. It contains vitamins, and amino acids. On the same token, the supplement is also available in the form of pills. The major difference between pills and syrup is of ingredients.

The syrup contains vitamins, whereas, tablets contain cyproheptadine. You can’t compare the two, as they both have their pros, and cons.

Apetamin is used for the treatment of various allergies too.



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