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Health and Fitness: Best Vegan Bodybuilding Tips by Top Vegan Bodybuilders


Some of us got influenced to be vegans for good, by watching movies such as “The Fly II” in which, a golden retriever is mutilated in a particular experiment that went in vain; and, some decided to be vegans by witnessing horrendous torture harnessed on innocent animals.

Whatever the reasons are for you becoming a hard-core vegan, you do not have to feel left out by “meat-eaters” in respect to building strong muscles.

Following is a list of epic bodybuilders who claim to strictly follow a vegan diet.

1. Jim Morris, an ageless vegan bodybuilder

2. Billy Simmonds, winner of Mr. Natural Universe, 2009

3. Kenneth Williams, America’s first vegan bodybuilding champion

4. Joel Krikilis, Australian power lifter and vegan bodybuilder

5. Denise Nicole, a successful vegan model and bodybuilder

Some amazing tips from Top Vegan Bodybuilders are:

1. Proteins

You may of course, get your proteins from nearly all vegetables such as beans, chickpeas and legumes, but, there are some herbal based supplements that suffice your protein requirements.

Many vegan bodybuilders prefer HGH Energizer that is known to be one of the best hgh (Human Growth Hormone) supplements for bodybuilding as it has Leucine, which helps in improving overall energy and endurance levels.

2. Vegetables and Fruits

Being a vegetarian, you cannot ignore the benefits that you will cherish in taking plenty of leafy vegetables and fresh fruits.

3. No to Processed Foods

You have to say no to all kinds of processed foods. You cannot afford to eat high carbohydrate snacks. Instead go for vegetables.

4. Short and Simple Workouts

It is of profound importance to keep your workouts for less than 45 minutes. The thumb rule is to keep the duration short, frequency slow and intensity low.

5. Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

Many vegan bodybuilders recommend taking BCAAs supplements to avoid muscle loss. They reckon HGH Energizers to be one of the most effective and best hgh supplements for bodybuilding as it has 55mg of valine which assists in recovery from muscle wear and tear.

6. Be Patient

Don’t expect an overnight miracle to happen to your body. You have to show patience and kindness to your own body. We all have our own journeys and each journey has a different destiny. Remember to stay consistent while having fun in your bodybuilding process.

7. Boost your Fat Content

You have to build your muscles, and for that you need to increase your calorie intake. One way of doing so is, by spreading peanut butter over the fruits that you consume.

8. Eat at Regular Intervals

Do keep eating at regular intervals and specially make sure that you have amino acids containing food items such as soybeans, as a part of your daily diet.

9. Surround yourself with Like-minded folks

Surround yourself with other vegetarians aspiring for similar goals.

10. Be Determined and Affirmative

As a vegetarian aiming for muscle-building you should be very determined and focused on your goals.

There are multiple vegan bodybuilders who take part in various bodybuilding competitions worldwide and manage to compete feverously with meat-eating bodybuilders. Good luck!

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