The word suit comes from the French word Suivre, and the meaning of this word suivre is “to follow”. This word is taken because of its meaning which is that jacket follows the pants or pants follow the jacket. A suit is clothing that is the combination of a jacket and a pair of pants. Both of them come in a combination of the same color. Not only does the color match in the suit but also the fabric matches.

  • Beau Brummell: as we know the many factors of the man’s wear comes from the Beau Brummell, likewise the suit is traced by the same.  Beau Brummell is a very prototypical man of the 19th century in England. Before him, the man’s clothing is completely influenced by the French people. So, the dresses used to be very embroidered, heavy, velvet fabrics, stockings, etc. Beau Brummell comes with a revolution in men’s wear. He changed all the clothing styles of the man. He replaced all the clothing with trousers with boots and a jacket without any heavy decoration or colors. If you are looking for Steve Harvey suits, you can visit the online stores available.

If we, frankly speaking, we can not say that Brummell is the first person who simplified the men’s wear and changed the wardrobe of French costumes, that time so many dresses simply come into the knowledge. The French dressing became unpopular and neglected by so many people. Somehow, we can say that Brummell is the person who makes the suit popular without any extra ornamental dress. Very simple, less ornamental, same color design suits come into the market with a muted color theme.

  • Victorian Era Frock Suits: In the Victorian Era which was from 1837 to 1901, men used to wear frock coats. These were black coats and looked like overcoats of modern time. These were designed with a single vent on the backside and double or single-breasted. These coats used to have length to the knees, that is why they looked like overcoats. Usually, they were designed single-breasted for casual wear and double-breasted for formal wear. In the later Victorian Era, these frock coats spilled up in two elements, morning coats, and lounge suits. Morning coats had tails and lounge suits were without them. By then, the morning suits had open quarters, single buttons, and were designed single-breasted while the length was retained. Finally, these morning coats became formal wear for daily purposes. In the present Era, these are considered very formal and worn in royal weddings only.
  • The Lounge Suit:

These were developed in Scotland in the 1850s for casual occasions. These were made of comparatively heavy fabrics. Unlike the modern Era, these were considered very casual garments and were not formal at all.

  • The 20th Century suit: as we know that in the 20th-century suits are very developed and more popular. The shape of the suits is now defined. Only some of the details have changed. These can be the length of the jackets, style of buttoning, or the gorge height. As well as the type of the fabric also changed with time.

Likewise, it comes into knowledge.

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