You can make your home look great with some simple decorating ideas. The right theme in room decor is surely important but decorating ideas can also help your room look bigger and brighter. You can simply select a decor theme and change the look of your room.

From trendy artifacts to terrarium designs, you can choose from many options available. If you are wondering where to buy terrarium in Singapore, then there are many online options available. Make your room or your home look amazing by simply following these 5 tips below.

1. Statement Rugs

Most people use simple rugs for their living room decor to complete the look of the room. But, statement rugs can look classy and different. Statement rug can make any dull living room brighter. If you have a white or blue room decor, then choose a statement rug with geometric print. Choose bold prints if you simply want to change the feel of your living room.

Statement rugs can also be used for decorating your bedroom. Place a statement rug at the corner of your bedroom and highlight it with a light. Your room would surely look wonderful. Statement rugs are trendy and stylish, go ahead and make use of these rugs for your home decoration.

2. Coffee Tables And Centerpieces

Make your room look trendy by placing coffee tables with different hues and colors. You heard that right. Say bye to your boring white or wooden tables and place tables with bold prints. Use the stenciled table to enhance the look of your room.

Or, you can also choose bright colors like teal or lavender to enhance your room décor. There are many options available in coffee tables and centerpieces, take your pick and make your space look great. You also have an option to customize the look of your home decor.

3. Terrarium

You can simply experiment with different terrarium styles to make your room decor look amazing. Terrarium has become trendy and it can easily replace your flower vase at the corner of your room. It is not difficult to set up a terrarium and the maintenance is very low. You can choose a terrarium style that will perfectly complement the look and décor of your room.

Hanging, geometric, mushroom or glass, there are so many styles to choose from that you would get confused. If you have a question as to where to buy terrarium in Singapore, then you have many options to choose from.

4. Contemporary Art

Simply hang contemporary art at any corner of your room. If you wish to decorate your living room, hang a contemporary art at the back of your sofa wall. If it’s the bedroom, you can choose a wall you love. Contemporary art not only enhances the look of your simple room decor but also gives your room a new vibe.

Many contemporary designs actually go with the decor or theme of your room. And, if you are artistic, you can make an art design frame and hang it on your living room wall. You would surely receive many compliments on your artwork.

5. Use Open Shelves

The trend in open shelves is fast catching up. There are so many designs and styles to choose from. Choose different colors in these cabinet styles or simply use two colors. There is so much you can store or keep on open shelves, from book titles to crockery or your hobby collection. Let your guests also see what you really love doing the most.

The open shelves style not only add brightness to your room decor but also makes your room look bigger. You can place these shelves in your living room or children’s room. Open shelves design looks trendy with many customized options available. Choose a bold print in your open shelves or cabinets to enhance your room decor.

There are so many trendy decorating ideas to choose from today. The theme choice in room decor is endless, so you can choose from any decorating style you love. The idea is to make your room bright and colorful. You can also enhance your dull room with the above room decorating ideas.

Choose any décor style you love and change the feel of your room. You can also make your small room look amazing with these decorating ideas, go ahead and change the look of your room.

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