Take this. “Freedom” was the last word and wish of William Wallace, the character essayed by Mel Gibson in the epic war film, Brave Heart. One does not have to emulate the act of Don Quixote charging at the windmills though, to experience freedom. The coup d’etat can happen at a beach destination with a bunch of rebellious bosom friends, where the earth meets the sky, coconut trees dance to the tunes of the winds, friends bask in the full glory of sunlight beams and the roars of the sea waves play the seventh symphony of Beethoven.

Beach destinations across the world have a universal charm. The vast expanse of space hovering above the length and breadth of the sea and the sight of sky above, water in front, fresh air streaming through the lungs and the sun showering the warmth of life in pointed rays on the body feels magical. Time tends to flow away as fast as the waves, chattering with friends sitting in a close circle, visualizing the good times of childhood gone by and doing a barbeque in the darkness of the night. If this sounds too good to be true, just walk through this list of these beach destinations with a phone in the hand. The temptation to pull together a spontaneous act of breaking free into these places shall be simply irresistible.

1) Freights Bay, Barbados: Time for a Surreal Surfing Experience and a Calypso Jig

Being laidback is in. Barbados celebrates lazy elegance and Freights Bay in the south coast of Barbados is the place to be, for beach buddies that love surfing on gentle waves, reggae music of the calypso cult and the flavours of awesome sea food. Do you want to experience the humility of nature? Feel the gentle waters of a low tide washing your feet as you try to stand still on the surf board. Once done with the surfing at Freights Bay, check into the L’Azure Restaurant with your pack of friends in the weirdest possible attire to take pictures of the gang on the phone with the visual treats of the beach in the background. Not tasting the local cuisine of Barbados, when on a trip to Freights Bay is a crime. Visit Oistin’s friday night fish fry to get a once in a mouth -watering gastronomic pleasure.

2) Playa del Amor, Mexico: A Beach under the Roof

When you got a gang that is hungry for new experiences, the universe pops up surprises that stretch beyond imagination. Playa del Amor, at the Marieta Islands outside of Puerto Vallarta in Mexico stands in a league of its own among the top beach destinations. The beach here is a pool of crystal blue water, hidden inside a cave that serves as a rounded enclosure with a hollow space at the top that allows for the benevolence of sunlight to shower on the travellers, as they happily click away photographs on their cameras. To the uninitiated folks the beach in its first appearance may give the impression of being a surreal piece of photo shopped graphics. The picturesque contrast of the white sand beach and the blue waters inside the natural enclosure makes for an amazing viewing. It is a great idea to capture a high definition panoramic vision image that shall find a place of pride in the album of friends for ever.

The entrance to Playa Del Amor

3) Boulders Beach, Cape Town: Welcome to the Penguin Civilization

Boulders beach at Cape Town, South Africa is a different planet. Want to know the meaning of the word “cute”? Meet the penguins at Boulders Beach and bear testimony to an entire beach being cohabited by men and penguins in perfect harmony. Motivate your gang for a refreshingly chilled scuba diving experience with little help from the Pisces divers. If your gang consists of nocturnal life forms, explore the exciting life of Cape Town at venues such as the V&A Waterfront Nightlife and the Town Comedy Club. Hit the dance floor with your gang at the nightclub and sway to the beats of the music played by the talented local artists with chilled beer to beat the heat.

4) Vadoo beach Maldives: Pearls of Beauty Weaved across a Garland of Islands

Does your gang dream of landing in a chain of islands, some of them connected to each other by sea only, inhabited the sparsest numbers of people and embellished with sea adventure expeditions? The ethereal beauty of Maldives is locked in chains of islands called atolls. The immensely beautiful inhabited islands dotting Maldives offer the best combination of sea sight viewing, sea adventure activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, jet skiing, canoeing and catamaran sailing, fishing and even, the world’s only under water spa. The tiny islands have a tranquil and timeless ambience that serve chicken soup for the soul and make for a refreshing change away from the din and bustle of the city life. Some of the dream places to visit in Maldives include the Haa Alif, the North Kaafu Atoll and the North Ari Atoll beaches in the north and the Seenu atoll in the south. One piece of serious advisory is to get the gang together in the evening for a once in a lifetime experience of taking in the sight of the luminescent beach of the island of Vadhoo. Known globally as the “Sea of Stars”, the beach hosts plankton that release an enzyme called the “luciferase” on coming in contact with oxygen, thus creating an amazingly beautiful ambience of blue sparkles across the beach.


4) Maui, Hawaii: Rendezvous with Life Forms under Water and Sea Adventure

Adventure travel buffs pledge allegiance to the timeless beauty of Hawaii islands and taking a gang there, is one of the most pleasurable experiences of life. Located in the serene chain of islands in Hawaii, is Maui, a hot bed of dormant volcanoes that have over a span of time metamorphosed into some of the most awesome visually delightful beach destinations. Maui offers a vast platter of fun, adventure and nightlife activities to pursue. Taking the gang of boys under water for a snorkelling adventure in the tropical underwater world for an up close rendezvous with marine life forms like the endangered green sea turtles makes for a blissful experience of witnessing the gifts of nature to mankind. Maui also offers an active night life scenario. Explore the beach bar live music and sway to the rhythm of the night amidst the sensual setting of a bon fire in the idyllic settings of the beach. To top it up with some of the finest pleasures of the table, try the food delicacies at the Sansei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar amid the fun and frolic with your beach buddies.

Be it the Freight Bay in Barbados, the Playa Del Amor in Mexico or Maui , Hawaii, beach destinations offer an unparalleled sense of freedom and the feel gets all the more exciting, with a bunch of pals to create some of the magical moments of life and an album to cherish for life long. In short, it does not get better than this.

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