Your home’s décor matters. Not only can it help you relax and unwind after a busy day, the right décor is inviting to your guests, beckoning them to stay awhile. Many details go into decorating a room, but the one feature that shouldn’t be ignored is your windows.

Roman shades are a popular way to cover a window, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re stylish. If you feel like your roman shades are looking a little dull, but you aren’t ready to give up on them just yet, enhance them with these tips.

Recover Them in a New Fabric

One of the coolest features of roman shades is the fact that they can come in so many different colors and patterns! Unfortunately, those colors and patterns can become faded or outdated. If your shades need a facelift, consider recovering them.

The coolest thing about this idea is that it is a lot easier than it sounds because there’s no need for a needle and thread. Instead, you:

· Measure, mark, and cut a piece of fabric the same length and width as the blind

· Use Fray Check to make sure the edges of the fabric don’t fray

· After it has dried, use spray adhesive to attach the fabric to the blind

· Use a paint roller to remove bubbles and wrinkles

· Let it dry before hanging it in the window

Paint Plain Roman Shades

If you have basic roman shades that feature a solid color, you may be able to paint them instead. If you pick the right pattern, this method can be even easier than recovering them in new fabric.

The easiest way to make sure you end up with a professional finish is to use a stencil or a stamp. Choose a repeating pattern like vertical stripes or polka dots and it will look like you bought the shades at the store.

Install a Valance

Draperies can end up looking a little heavy when paired with roman shades. Instead, try jazzing things up by installing a valance instead.

A fabric valance can work quite well, as long as you choose a fabric that complements the fabric on your roman shades. A wood valance is also an option. The nice thing about using a wooden valance is the fact that you can repaint and reuse it later if you decide to redecorate your space.

Don’t Hang Them at the Top of the Window

Who said you have to hang your roman shades at the top of the window? Leave a few inches open at the top of the window to let in a little natural sunlight. This idea is especially striking if you have an architectural window with unique details at the top.

If you’re thinking about throwing out those old roman blinds anyway, you might as well give one of the ideas on this list a try. Because these techniques are so simple, quick, and easy, you will likely be tempted to give all of the roman shades in your home a facelift!


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