Travelers just want to pack a bag and explore a new country. Yes, it’s a simple life and it’s one that is as rewarding as any that involves a career or a house. A tiny sticking point is the money or at least the lack of funds.

A trip is expensive and you need as much as possible to eek out the experience.

So, it isn’t rare to find people that are in debt and accruing more of it by the day. Indebted to travel means you’re beholden to arrears too because they go hand in hand. Of course, you need to break the cycle and can with the following tips.

Cash Only

Because it takes a while to come into effect, it’s easy to pay with plastic and think about the consequences later. However, this attitude only ends up biting you in the backside when the credit card bill for that month arrives.

Whoops! A piece of plastic is an essential tool just in case the budget runs dry or there are genuine emergencies.

Using it to pay for a meal, though, is neither of those two things. To avoid unnecessary future debts, withdraw a chunk of cash and use it to cover your expenses. That way, it’s easier to see when you’re overspending.

0% Interest For 12 Months+

When cold, hard cash isn’t an option, you’ll have to revert to a credit card. There are plenty on the market, from credit cards for fair credit instant approval as well as traditional options. The platform isn’t the most important thing; it’s about the promotion. Quite simply, if you have to use a piece of plastic, make sure the debt doesn’t come into effect for months or even years. Usually, 0% interest on purchases and balance transfers can last for twelve months or more, depending on the company. That should give you plenty of time to pay it back.

Family Assistance

Picture the scene. You’re in a country with a couple of hundred dollars in your bank account. The amount will cover a flight back home, but that means ending the trip early. And, a few hundred bucks may last another month or two in a small economy. It’s a dilemma, but one which is easily solvable with a phone call home. Asking parents to buy the flight is an elegant solution as they will be happy to see you again. Plus, it isn’t as if the money is a gift; it’s a loan which is flexible compared to terms and conditions from private lenders.

Needs Must

Everyone wants to participate because FOMO is a real thing. The problem is your budget may not stretch that far. Although travelers don’t like to hear it, you sometimes have to watch from the sidelines. The key is to rank the activities and pay for the ones that are at the top of the list. The rest are cool yet not necessary and will destroy your bank balance.

How do you try and avoid accruing debt while traveling?

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