It’s a job that no-one relishes but there is nothing like a pristine bathroom for your family or house guests and nothing worse than an untidy, messy and uncared for alternative.  So what really is the best way to clean your bathroom and keep it fragrant and beautiful?

  • Don’t put it off. A regular deep bathroom clean will allow to you to whizz around day to day for a quick tidy and your bathroom will never look a mess
  • Start by taking out all the detritus and debris of family life – shampoo bottles, bathmats, makeup, old toilet rolls, clear the room first so you can clean it
  • Separate the actual cleaning from the disinfecting both of which are equally as important. Bleach the toilet bowl and leave the bleach to sit for ten to fifteen minutes whilst you clean the rest of the room
  • Remove any cobwebs, yes even in the bathroom, particularly if you live in an old house, those pesky spiders get everywhere and are particularly attracted to water
  • Wipe down all the surfaces with disinfectant on a cloth, you can either spray some directly onto a wipe or use the disposable ones
  • To physically clean walls and windows after disinfecting, create a simple solution of one part vinegar to one part water and dispense this into a handy plant spray. This is great for shifting mould and mildew without resorting to non-environmentally friendly (and expensive) bathroom cleaning products.  Leave for a few minutes after spraying and then rinse away
  • Clean the shower, often the toughest challenge. Use a proprietary shower cleaner for this, there are lots of environmentally friendly products that do actually work.  Spray and leave for a few minutes before rinsing.  The water/vinegar mixture works very well for the showerhead and you can soak it in a bowl if it is really caked with stubborn limescale.  If the showerhead is fixed then pour some of the solution into a kitchen food bag and tie it around the showerhead.  Wipe off all your cleaning products with clean water and a sponge
  • Shower Wall panels (see are super easy to clean with just your standard cleaner and a sponge which will remove dirt and any mould without the worry of cleaning tile grouting. Don’t use anything abrasive on shower panels as you could damage the surface.  For anything stubborn, just respray your cleaning solution and wait
  • Clean around the sink and counter areas, always rinse and squeeze out your sponge as you go. Clean and replace all those small bathroom items
  • Use glass cleaner for your mirrors, a clean microfibre cloth will remove those irritating smears and leave the glass streak-free
  • Flush the bleach from the toilet bowl and use a separate cloth and cleaning sponge working from the outside of the toilet so the handle and the cistern top inwards to avoid spreading bacteria. Use a toilet cleaner around the rim and leave to soak for about half an hour before flushing away
  • Sweep and mop the floor

Modern materials mean that you can keep your bathroom squeaky clean in half the time it would take to restore a tiled version.  Try and keep clutter to a minimum and source eco-friendly cleaning products or better still, create your own from tried and trusted home recipes.


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