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How to Increase Your Instagram Likes by 10x on Every Post

Social media marketing has evolved tremendously over the years. It’s become essential for businesses to develop a comprehensive online presence and to interact regularly with consumers in a direct manner. Millions of people are heading to platforms like Facebook and Instagram every day to keep up with their personal connections, as well as their favorite brands, and to learn about new products that interest them.

Since social media sites are where your target market is, it makes sense for you to be there, as well. However, long gone are the days of simply sharing interesting or beautiful photos with a short caption. Today’s fans expect real interaction. In fact, many people head straight to Instagram to learn about a company, rather than checking them out on Google. Consumers also are more likely to use social media channels to communicate with a brand instead of trying to reach traditional customer service.

That’s why online engagement is more important than ever before. Your fans and potential customers expect to interact with your brand. Taking proactive steps to forge that relationship from the very beginning will net you the best social media marketing results. Keep reading to learn how to increase your Instagram likes by 10x on every post.

  1. Make Your Content Count

First and foremost, you must produce quality content. Otherwise, you’ll never see the engagement you dream of. The best method to boost your Instagram likes is to ultimately put in consistent, reliable, professional content day after day in order to gain the attention of your target market.

You should always keep in mind that your main goal is to add value to the lives of your followers with your photos and videos. That’s how you’ll get the likes. There are countless ways to do this. You just have to employ some empathy, planning and creativity. Think of ways you can help, teach, amuse or move your audience. Use that motivation to create content that motivates users to take action. This action could be following your brand, leaving a comment, sharing your post or offering you a like.

  1. Find Your Groove

It’s important to understand that learning to create this type of content will take time. It’s not something that generally happens overnight. You need to get to know your audience if you want to grow your following. Targeting, finding and connecting with these followers is a process. It will require trial and error before you get a feel for what types of images, videos and Stories will appeal to your audience. So, don’t give up.

Sometimes your best efforts will flop and won’t be well-received at all. That’s okay. Just be sure to monitor your Instagram Insights and then try something else if it turns out a certain kind of post isn’t working for your brand. Keep in mind, it’s also all well and good to simply ask your followers what they’d like to see.

  1. Talk to Your Followers

That’s right. Ask them. Create a poll or release a video that discusses the types of ideas you have. Make a graphic offering two choices, and then invite your followers to tell you which one they prefer. All of these are good examples of how to find the information you need to create the posts they crave. Just ask them.

Doing so also serves another purpose, and that’s to increase engagement and build relationships. People like to be asked for their opinion. It makes them feel validated and recognized. A simple call-to-action (CTA) at the end of your post helps to reach this same goal. Ask a direct question about a relevant topic. Then engage with the responses. You can even straight up ask for a like every now and again.

You might be surprised the positive results you get. Once you find out what your followers like, you can begin to give it to them. As a savvy marketer, you’ll start to get a feel for your groove and to know what works for your brand’s Instagram posts.

  1. Forge Partnerships

Another innovative way to increase your Instagram likes significantly is to forge partnerships with influencers, other brands and the fans who already love you. There’s no need to go it alone. Working with others takes some of the pressure off of you to create viral content consistently, and it allows you to reach brand new audiences. This is bound to increase your follower count, and then your engagement.

Influencers are Instagram users who have already built a strong following of their own. They’re popular, and they can help introduce you to their tribe. Find influencers who complement your brand and invite them to collaborate on marketing campaigns. You can compensate them in various ways, like cash, revenue share or product. And don’t shy away from reaching out to other brands.

There are benefits to be had for you both when you work together toward a shared goal. These brands don’t have to be direct competitors. You can collaborate to cross-promote each other’s products and find creative ways to showcase your combined products or services. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Finally, reach out to your fans. Include their testimonials in a post. Create a hashtag they can use to share their relevant content. Develop a contest that requires creative photo entries. This content solidifies social media relationships and expands your audience.

Give these four easy methods to increase your Instagram likes by 10x a try. You’re sure to see a return on your investment. Plus, you’ll have fun in creative and collaborative ways.

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