Backyards are ideal places for entertaining people, but when designed in the right way, they can also be a peaceful place to relax and spend some time alone with our thoughts. Spending time in the sunshine and fresh air is beneficial for both our mental and physical health, especially if you can fill the space with colors and scents that we enjoy.

Unfortunately, most properties have neighbors on both sides and so the yards are overlooked. This can make it difficult for people to unwind without feeling self-conscious. This article introduces some simple ways, such as handyman columbia md,  to make your yard more private.

Give your fence more height

Even if you have a fence around your backyard, it is probably too short to provide privacy from neighbors on either side, and both noises and smells from neighboring yards will travel back and forth regularly. It may be time to consider upgrading your fencing so that it is taller and more attractive. Rather than installing a tall fence that blocks out light, consider including trellis and climbing plants at the top. Fence Depot have some great examples of fencing techniques that can provide privacy and improve the overall aesthetics of the yard.

Create screens

While fencing can provide more privacy for the entire yard, you might prefer to create a smaller area of privacy within the yard so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds. For example, planting hedges, decking with balustrades, hurdle fence panels, or trellis with climbing plants are all clever ways to create privacy screens. Doing this will create numerous spaces that you can enjoy for different purposes and make the space feel larger and more varied, rather than just one large yard. A hedge or a wall of climbing plants can provide an attractive and natural privacy wall, but it is important to bear in mind that it will require regular maintenance.

Build your own pergola

If there is a particular part of the yard that you enjoy spending time in, building a pergola could be the ideal solution. A pergola is usually a decorative wooden structure that provides shelter from the sun and possibly from the wind and rain if you include side panels. Crucially, a pergola will also act as a barrier between you and the potentially prying eyes of nosy neighbors. Add in some comfortable chairs and a table or a hammock and you have the perfect place to relax. You can either hire a company to construct a pergola or build your own.

Use different levels

By creating different levels or berms in your yard, you can add levels of interest and define specific areas for different purposes. Adding levels can help to create a sunken area where you can sit at a lower level. This means you will have a hideaway of sorts and any sounds you make will be more contained. However, it is important to investigate the draining and water table in your yard before you start digging.

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