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Tech: How to Source the PC Accessories You’re Desperate For

Anybody new to building their own PC or improving their current model by buying parts and accessories will first need to do some reading up on what they need and where they can buy it from. Depending on whether you use your PC for work or gaming will influence what accessories you need, along with what your budget is and how advanced you are looking for your computer to be.
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Entrepreneurship: 9 of the Best Businesses to Start in a Recession

An economic recession can bring a huge deal of uncertainty. Many businesses will flounder or even fail during this difficult time. During a recession, starting your own business may seem unthinkable! However, many businesses manage to survive and even thrive in times of economic hardship. If you are thinking of starting your own business, there are many recession-proof ideas that you can choose from. In this guide, we will explore
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Health Care: Top 8 Benefits of Obtaining a Doctor in Business Administration

A DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) degree is one of the most advanced postgraduate courses in management and business education. If you are a business leader who wants to build on their skills to solve complex business problems and strengthen their abilities, this degree provides a more theoretical approach to teaching, combining independent research and modules that concentrate on real world business orientated thinking which can be applied directly to
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Auto: 5 Ways To Reduce Your Motoring Costs

Motoring costs can add up to an enormous amount over the course of a year, but for many people a car is essential to their life. So, how can you save money on your motoring costs without it interfering with your life? There are actually many different ways to save money on driving costs and combining these together could have a huge impact on your financial situation in the long-run.
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Delivering on Your Promises to Staff: A Guide

What does it mean to deliver on your promises to staff? What promises have you made to your workers, and how can you fulfill them? Well, the most important commitments that you make are contained within the contract that you sign with them. Here, you’ll agree on a wage and a set number of benefits. Elsewhere, you might praise rewards, promotions, and pay hikes to motivate your staff. These promises
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Personal Finance: How to Prepare for Retirement and Beyond

Retirement may seem far away to some of you. It may be just around the corner for others. Knowing how to prepare for your retirement and beyond is a must to ensure you have an incredible experience full of possibilities. Finances: Building Up Passive Incomes One of the most difficult aspects of retirement to get used to is the drop in your financial reserves. You never want to rely solely
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Auto: Animals That Can Damage Your Roof

There are a multitude of different factors that can harm our roofs and cause damage to them. Rain can cause leakage if the gutters aren’t clear, hail can crack and break tiles, the sun can bleach roofs due to its intense UV rays, and wind can even rip off shingles completely. Due to the destructive potential of the weather, there are many protective measures that homeowners put in place to
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3 Social Games to Play with Friends Online

As naturally social creatures, we must get enough interaction with our friends and loved ones. With recent lockdown restrictions, which has been more difficult than usual. However, there are still various ways we can stay connected, especially through Zoom parties and social media challenges like Tiktok dances, and quizzes. However, with how long these restrictions have been put in place, the majority of these initially novel activities have become a
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3 Things That You Will Need to Start a Successful Trucking Business

The trucking industry can be an incredibly lucrative one if done correctly. With so much shopping being done online these days, the demand for efficient and effecting trucking companies is high. That being said, there is quite a lot of risk involved in starting a trucking business. With tight margins and a lot of competition, only a small number of new trucking companies will make it into their second year.