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Lamar Miller - Running Back, Houston Texans
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Houston Texans: Offensive Spotlight – RB Lamar Miller

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It is kind of a shocker to see Lamar Miller being the offensive player spotlight, instead of DeShaun Watson or Deandre Hopkins, but let me explain why it makes sense. The Houston Texans made the playoffs last year, with have one of the worst passing offenses in the league, and the offense relied heavily on Miller and the rushing attack, so for the Texans to get back to the playoffs again, after improving their quarterback position, it will once again rely on Miller.

With Lamar Miller easily rushing over 1,000 yards with no help or relief from his quarterbacks, it is easy to imagine that Lamar will be able to duplicate his success from last year, especially with a mobile quarterback who will be able to spread the defense apart. Miller was the workhorse for the team, and although his load will lighten, he should be able to achieve the same amount of yardage, since the defense will actually be able to defend against a passing attack. Lamar Miller will also be an amazing help, since he has great hands and is able to make plays, catching the ball out of the backfield. This will allow Watson to gain trust and have a comfort receiver in tough situations down the stretch of the season.

Lamar Miller will be a major key in ensuring the Houston Texans can clinch the AFC South Division again this year. He may also be the key to them potentially going farther than they have before. Lamar Miller will have 1,800 all-purpose yards and with releasing so much pressure from DeShaun Watson, the Texans will have one of the top ten offenses in the league. Which will help the Houston Texans win the AFC South again!

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