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J.J. Watt Offers To Pay For Funerals For Those Lost In Santa Fe Shootings

As a Jacksonville Jaguars fan, J.J. Watt is making it harder and harder not to root for him as a member of the Houston Texans. Watt’s off-the-field contributions to those in need continue to amaze the masses. Per the New York Times, “A few hours after 10 people were killed in a shooting at a high school in Santa Fe, Texas, on Friday, representatives of J.J. Watt, a defensive end
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J.J. Watt Hopes To Be Back For First Game Of 2018

He’s baaack! Well, not completely. As J.J. Watt prepares for another NFL season, his ability to play a full season could be one of the reasons the Houston Texans compete for the AFC South Title. The Texans missed Watt’s pass rushing skills. They also missed several other stars due to injury. After breaking his back and his leg and suffered other ailments, a healthy J.J. Watt means trouble for the
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Houston Texans: An Open Letter to J.J. Watt

I was excited to watch Sunday Night Football last night. Not because I’m a fan of either team per say, but, because I have always been a fan of a great defense. I’m an even bigger fan of great defensive players. Whether you’re a fan of the Texans or not, it’s always exciting to watch J.J. Watt! Throughout the history of the NFL there’s always been something exceptional to watch
Jadeveon Clowney DE Houston Texans
Jadeveon Clowney - Defensive End, Houston Texans
Houston Texans NFL Preview Edition

Houston Texans: Defensive Player Spotlight – Jadeveon Clowney

This defense of the Houston Texans relies heavily on the defensive line and the linebacker core, which is the major key to their success, which correlates to Jadeveon Clowney being the Defensive Player in the spotlight.  With JJ Watt being the leader, visibly and in the locker room, is exactly what Clowney needs to see this year, and if he can avoid the injury bug this year and actually capitalize
Houston Texans Defensive Preview
JJ Watt - Defensive End, Houston Texans
Houston Texans NFL Preview Edition

Houston Texans: Defensive Preview – Can they still control the AFC South?

There is only so much to expect from a defense that was the best overall last year, that was top 5 against the pass, and that was top 12 against the rush. Moreover, it is only to improve. The Houston Texans defense has arguably one of the best defensive lines in the NFL at this moment.  They also come with some solid, productive linebackers. The only thing that was somewhat
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Houston Texans: Can the Offense be trusted under the guidance of DeShaun Watson?

The Houston Texans offense is looking to make some major improvements, despite making the playoffs and winning the AFC South Division, the Texans have a lot of improvement to make on the offense. Having their rushing attack, combined with Alfred Blue and Lamar Miller, in the top ten rushing offense in the league, the major concern relied on their passing attack, which was ranked 29th in the league. Not losing
Lamar Miller RB Houston Texans
Lamar Miller - Running Back, Houston Texans
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Houston Texans: Offensive Spotlight – RB Lamar Miller

It is kind of a shocker to see Lamar Miller being the offensive player spotlight, instead of DeShaun Watson or Deandre Hopkins, but let me explain why it makes sense. The Houston Texans made the playoffs last year, with have one of the worst passing offenses in the league, and the offense relied heavily on Miller and the rushing attack, so for the Texans to get back to the playoffs
Houston Texans QB DeShaun Watson
DeShaun Watson - Quarterback, Houston Texans
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Houston Texans: Breakout Candidate – QB DeShaun Watson

With the Texans not having a playoff ready quarterback or a quarterback at all, the Houston Texans went big and drafted DeShaun Watson in the first round. After having an amazing college career, Watson, who fell a lot farther than other quarterbacks should have fallen, fell into an amazing roster and a winning now team. The Texans needed Watson more than Watson needed the Texans...if that makes sense, but Houston
DeAndre Hopkins - Houston Texans
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Houston Texans: 3 Questions Heading Into Training Camp

Think about what the Houston Texans could have done in the playoffs if they had had better quarterback play? The Texans, a team that finished 9–7 on the season had a devastating defense, a strong running game, and a standout wide receiver. Yet, quarterback play was probably the difference between them making it to the Super Bowl or challenging to get there. While everybody talks about how great the New
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NFL: Houston Texans, Oakland Raiders will be roadblocks for the New England Patriots in the 2017 season

We are still a few months away from the start of the 2017 NFL season. For the better part of 15 years, we have seen the New England Patriots pretty much dominate the AFC. In fact, they have been superior to the other AFC teams. However, I see that trend stopping in 2017. While I would be very surprised to see New England not win the AFC, I do not