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There’s nothing more precious in this world than having a baby. He or she is considered a blessing to the family, which is why one of the best ways to treasure memories with your baby is keeping a photo album. A physical collection can also enhance your home interior. A great view of baby photo albums in your living space can make the ambiance of your home more lively and welcoming.

In this post, you’ll learn how baby photo albums can make your home more beautiful and inspiring.

Energize Your Living Room with Baby Photo Albums

Your living room is usually the part in your home where you welcome guests and visitors. So it should be an inviting place that is full of energy and aesthetic appeal. Let your guests and visitors feel that they are warmly welcomed in your home by setting up a space for your family picture frames and photo albums. This area is a suitable spot for them to view your most cherished moments with your family, especially with your newborn.

Here are some living room decorating tips using baby photos albums:

  • Place baby photo albums in your living room cabinet shelves with clear window glass. Through this, the visitors can see the beauty of the photo albums. You can protect them from dirt and external elements at the same time.

  • You can also place baby photo albums in a dedicated table, like a coffee table or center table in your living room. Guests and visitors can easily see and grab them to take a look at your baby albums. Just make sure to dust them regularly to avoid dirt buildup.

  • Oversized albums should not bend over anything. Make sure that the most prominent photo albums are on the bottom if you’re planning to stack them.

  • Position the baby photo album vertically or horizontally, highlighting the cover with the help of books, some fashion magazines, flower vase, or any home décor that can support and make them more stylish.

  • Put similarly sized photo albums together to keep the structure intact. For oversized collections, keep them on a shelf. Lay them flat, and the base should be fully supported to avoid hanging over the edge. By doing so, you prevent warping of the covers, most especially if there’s another object placed on top.

  • For long-term preservation, store baby albums into fashionable archival boxes and place them under the coffee table. Make sure to buy one that is acid-free.

The living room is an excellent place to be creative with your baby photos. After all, these memories are fleeting, and your child will grow up faster than you think. It’s an excellent idea to cherish his or her youth where other people can see them.

Baby Photo Albums in Your Bedroom

The bedroom is a comfortable place to relax, rest, and sleep. It’s where you also try to recall the best memories of your life, where you start dreaming and bonding with your loved ones, especially with your children. It’s so lovely to share stories with your little ones and cherish the past by grabbing photo albums and narrating past events, which often include their childhood milestones.

Here’s how you can use baby photo albums to decorate your bedroom: 

  • Dedicate a shelf in the bedroom to place photo albums, away from areas you store liquids to avoid damage.

  • You can store the photo albums with leather, fabric, or lose bound cover in spine-down on weather-proof plastic containers and pack them tightly. Wrap photo albums in acid-free paper or linen and placed flat.

  • You can construct a side table that would contain the baby photo albums in volumes and sets. Make sure that the side table is sturdy and made of acrylic or glass.

A bedroom is a relaxing place for you and your family to bond. It’s the perfect area to store childhood memories. If you’re putting your albums in the bedroom, make sure to check the books for moisture from time to time, especially if you have air conditioning.

Create a Wall Photo Gallery on a Plain Wall

Enhance your home interior by creating a wall photo gallery. Hang family photos in frames or stick them on the wall like wall decals to make your black wall lively and functional. Place baby photo albums on high-rise decorative tables below your wall photo gallery to complete the look. You can even add picture frames alongside the albums to highlight some of the best photos.

Here are some wall photo gallery ideas:

  • Mosaic Photo Wall – Stick colorful square prints to colored paperboards or paper to create a captivating mosaic photo wall. You can also coordinate the color of the mosaic with the color of the wallpaper you’re putting it on.

  • Fairy Lights Photo Wall – Fairy lights are pretty and inexpensive, creating a warm effect in any room. You can create a dazzling photo wall by simply clipping square prints or retro prints to the strings. The LED lights create a magical

  • Wooden Hanger Frames – It’s a DIY photo gallery wall idea that is cheap and fun to make. You’ll need a few wooden hangers wherein you can clip your photos. Place a table below and creatively position your baby photo albums along with other home decors for a lively look.

  • Scrapbook-style collage – You can add bold letters and print on your album. You can incorporate creatives such as airplanes, balloons, balls, and other baby designs. It’s sure to stand out among the other decors.

You don’t have to spend too much on baby photo albums. There are readily-available ones that you can purchase and decorate according to your style.


Baby photo albums are not just for keepsake inside storage boxes. Bring them out from dark spaces and use them as decorative pieces for your living room, bedroom, or any dull corner of your home. Admittedly, these albums will spark smiles not only for your guests and visitors but also to all the members of your family.

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