Music is an art form that has existed for many years to entertain and bring people together. Today, the world of music has evolved so much that even language and cultural barriers don’t matter. Michael Ramos is a professional DJ who promotes new musical genres and styles through NuStyle. NuStyle Entertainment is a DJing business started by Michael to DJ for special events.

DJ Michael has always been a big fan of music. He discovered his passion for music through his uncle. His uncle taught him everything about DJing, and he began hosting middle school events as a DJ. Michael is a firm believer in self-development, leading one towards success. He worked day and night to improve his music by experimenting and hosting various weddings, and with time, he became a recognized professional in the industry.

NuStyle is a highly in-demand business in the city. People love to hire DJ Michael to host their weddings and other parties. NuStyle offers DJ services for birthdays, cotillions, quinceaneras, and other events. It has a unique musical style perfect for the occasion.

Michael has posted all his mixes on Mixcloud for his fans. Mixcloud is a music platform that enables artists to promote their music. Since he has been attending many parties as a DJ, Michael’s profile has gained tremendous attention. Music is more than just tunes and sounds, it is a way to meet new people and interact.  His music comprises closely picked songs from the library, based on the event. At NuStyle, Michael sits with his clients to plan the DJing event’s aspect and notes down any preferences to add for the event. By doing so, he compiles the best music library that fits the event and the client’s preferences.

DJing business is quite hard to manage. For Michael, the client’s satisfaction is the most important aspect of doing business. He manages NuStyle to follow his passion in the music industry; he has maintained a good reputation in it. NuStyle is Michael’s vision of hosting a memorable night through his DJing.

DJ Michael has now hosted many events, which establishes NuStyle’s success in the music industry. As he says, “Style and Music are all that matter,” NuStyle follows this quote as their business model to promote music. He believes that his music has the power to bring people together and have a spectacular time.

Through NuStyle, Michael wants to be part of their new beginnings and celebrations of success and happiness.



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