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How Modern Architecture Helps Boost Your Estate Value

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Generally, the main purpose behind investing in any property is to get maximum returns out of it. There are different methods to increase the value of your property, but some of them might cost your fortunes especially if they the use of modern architecture. Others are low cost solutions where you can use the modern architect techniques in a subtle manner.

Firstly, the design of the building holds central value in any construction plan. The modern architect can play a pivotal role in designing your house in a way which can boost its value. Innovative and personalized ideas can contribute much more value to your estate as compared to your peers or neighbors.

The idea of modern architecture was based upon the use of new and innovative technologies of construction designs, especially the use of glass, steel, and concrete. Skyscrapers changed the face of construction and architecture industry in the United State in early 19th century. The shortage of land and high cost of estate in United States created the necessity for the skyscrapers which in no time got recognition from every corner. It was ably supported by the availability and the use of elevators. The Home Insurance Building in Chicago was the first 10-storey high-steel-framed skyscraper. The difference between the estate values of two properties in the same block with the same pieces of land is not the value of the land but it is the architecture techniques used for building them.

The difference between $14M and $4M of neighboring properties is the value of investment made in the architecture. It is certainly more than the cost of land, construction or materials. It is actually investment being made on modern architect design that make an ordinary property a treasure to have as an investment.

The Modern architect design transforms a property into an elegant and remarkable property. The use of different techniques like metal fabrications to create functional structural building makes it look wonderful.

The modern architect design can boost the value of your property by addition of extensions and refurbishments. In this scenario, you don’t need to leave your property to find an alternate solution. In fact, by hiring the services of seasoned companies like dsarchitectsbrisbane.com.au, it will not only create a space for you but also add significant value to your property.

Let’s take a look at some of the best modern architect techniques.


The use of conservatories is the simplest home addition which can add value to your property by as much as 15% provided it is included as part of the property (Virgin Money, 2012). The simplest form of conservatories can be the use of extension with glass elements such as large bifold aluminum or timber doors and skylight which create an impression of luxurious quality.

Building an Extension

Building an extension is another way of boosting value of your estate. The most common way to add an extra space is to extend outwards to the rear or front of the property which helps in gaining that additional space. Many think that it is a time-consuming process to build an extension in the building but it may take as little as three weeks for a single-storey extension.

Kitchen Extension and Remodeling

The most common modern architect designing technique is the extension or redesigning of the kitchen. The kitchen redesign may include the size of the kitchen but in cases where your kitchen is already sizeable, you don’t need to spend extra bucks for extension. The smart architect will redesign in a way which will give it a fresh look with latest themes and color combination, modern tools and cupboards.

The change in flooring and a new contrasting coat of paint can also add value to your kitchen. It is wisely said that the most successful kitchen extensions consider the whole home.

Renovate Bathroom

By using modern architect design techniques, you can completely overhaul your bathroom to make it look more luxurious and eye-catching. It can include adding new cabinets, marble, tiles, countertops, new fixtures, new lighting, new sinks, new faucets, new tub, new showers, new color scheme etc.

Add more square feet

Another modern technique is to add more square foot to the covered area of your property. This can be done by finishing the uncovered area or unfinished attic or a basement to add more living space to the property. It can also be done by utilizing your attached garage into a living space.

It is very important to research and consult some seasoned architects before starting your renovation. You must not overdo or spend unnecessary bucks on the additions which have no real impact on the valuation of your property. Modern architect can definitely boost the value of your property. It is better to do some homework that how much the property will be worth after the renovations and do some calculations like After Repair Value (ARV). The better thought process, the use of right tools and modern architecture approach will result in an eventual boost to the value of your estate.

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