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Tips to Extend the Life of Your Carpets

Got a new carpet at home? We understand the pressure it comes with buying one; all the carpet cleaning and maintenance could be a very draining task. And most importantly, as owners of carpet, the lifelong aim, understandably, is to make it last as long as one possibly could. Because, c’mon, no one buys a carpet daily and it is more or less like an investment.

If you have been hunting down as to how to make yours last longer, then put your hands up in the air and clap because you are just in the right place at the right time. We, in this blog post, bring you some of the tips and tricks which will help you in keeping your carpet in the most perfect shape.

Know your carpet well:

This is the basic step to begin with. You won’t be able to assess how to maintain one if you do not know where you stand with your carpet. Before buying, make sure you have asked what kind of carpets they deal in. Additionally, ask them if the material has that advanced micro-technology which increases a carpet’s resistance to stains and molds.

To put things in perspective, it is said that the nylon carpets last longer as compared to polyester fibers. So, we hope now you understand what knowing your carpet well enough would mean?

Here, Google would be your best friend. The terms which will help you in knowing your carpet better would be PAR (Performance, Appearance, Retention), density, or fiber to name a few.

Vacuum religiously:

It is advised to make it a habit of vacuuming your carpet on regular basis if you want to ensure its longevity. Many a times, people often miss dusting their furniture or house in general. Hence, make sure you have it dusted prior to vacuuming so that you get your carpet squeaky clean. Also, make sure you have the vacuum set at an appropriate level. Moderation is the key! A vacuum set too high or too low will only cause trouble. Therefore, we recommend setting it to a moderate level for optimum results.

You must pass your vacuum over one area multiple times for a good clean. However, it would be best to hire a carpet cleaning in Alpharetta service every once in a while for a deep clean.

Mat it out:

Place a rug or mat in areas that seem to encounter the most footfall. The most common traffic area in terms of carpet is the doorway or couches. So make sure it is rugged so that when you watch your favorite movie sitting on the couch, your carpet is all nicely protected.

However, these as well require thorough cleaning to clear off any building debris before it may pass out on the carpets. And we are sure you do not want that at all!

Be quick to deal with the spills:

Your carpet is constantly under threat if you have children living in your home. There are going to be spills no matter how cautious you are because, children can be messy at times. Therefore, be very quick to deal with any of the spills so that it does not leave any spots behind. In addition, bear in mind that the key to get rid of them is blotting and not at all scrubbing. Scrubbing would only add more misery!

Also, we recommend using carpet stain protector for an extra layer against nasty stains especially oil and water-based stains. They can be quite stubborn so prevention is better than cure, pals!

The R factor:

We call it the R factor as it means rotating and rearranging the furniture of your house. If you don’t, then the constant pressure caused by one setting of furniture will end up crushing the carpet. The rotating and rearranging will allow your carpet to breathe as rearranging would mean that your carpet would tear out evenly. This practice will allow you to be one step closer to making your carpet last figuratively longer.

Moreover, it will also keep the sun from concentrating on one particular spot. Also, try and install blinds or shades to the points which are the strongest points for sunlight to pour in.

No shoe zone:

No matter how much your shoes seem clean; they do come with a baggage. Well, a baggage comprising of dirt, sand, oil or even small insects. Imagine walking with shoes laden with such dirt on to your carpet. It can wear and tear them real bad. Feeling cringed, no? Well, this is why you need to consciously practice no shoe clause in the areas of your house which are carpeted.

Let’s say install a funky frame into your home which has “No shoe zone” carved on to it for all the guests. It will save you from all the hesitance and embarrassment of asking them to put them off.

The above-discussed tips, if followed, will deliver the best results in providing longevity to your carpets. Other than these, do not shy away from hiring the services of a pro should a need arises. Good luck with the carpet, folks!

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