Network marketing

Network marketing, also popularly known as Pyramid Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is a business concept where independent freelancers run a company and earn commission on the products they sell. This business model attracts many people as here they can be their own boss, set their own working hours and their hard work can help them achieve success in their business.

In this business,you need to sell your products and recruit more members as you grow. Here, by training your recruits too you can earn some commission. The key advantage of this business is you can earn full-time benefits by working part-time. 

Few tips to become successful in network marketing

  • The right mind-set – Remember starting a network marketing business is not following a hobby, it is a business that you are setting up. It may seem attractive but you need to realize that there is a lot of hard work required. So, you should have the right mind-set to take the business ahead successfully. 
  • Start a company with a product you love – Most people get attracted by the big fat income from MLM businesses, but they don’t pay attention to selecting the product they are selling. Practically, if you want to excel, you need to select a product that you are genuinely interested in and get excited about. Also, check the company’s compensation plan before you join.
  • Identify your target market–Know your target customers or recruit and avoid push selling to your family and friends. There is nothing wrong in letting your friends and family know, but you should not force them. Most people go wrong in approaching their target customers and recruits. Like any other business, even in MLM business selecting the right people and focusing on them for selling your product or service helps you attain success. 
  • Be ethical– Always be honest in your dealings with the customers and potential recruits. When you are serious about the product and love it, your enthusiasm will automatically promote it. Be true to yourself and avoid making false or exaggerated claims.
  • Share your product or business plan everyday – Like any other business or product even here you should focus on promoting your products or services everyday so that it gets more and more exposure. This helps you penetrate the target market easily and generate new customers. Few strategies you can opt for are sharing a starting a website, product sample, host a product party, etc.
  • Use of social media–In today’s world, social media proves to be an excellent marketing vehicle, especially for network marketing business. When you invest in paid advertising it helps you easily connect with your true audience and delivers actual value. Initially, you can start with Facebook and LinkedIn. 
  • Stand out from the rest of the sellers–Convincing people to buy your products or join your group evolves as a challenge in MLM business. Remember, you would be selling the same product as thousands of other sellers. So, you need to come up with some unique ideas of promoting your products so that it can attract customers. People should have a reason to join your business or buy your item. A few of the ideas could be like to start your own reward program, offer personalized services, etc.
  • Design a follow-up system – Remember, in sales if someone says “no”, it doesn’t mean “never”. You need to understand from their conversation if they would be interested in the future. This is when you need to follow up with people without annoying them. You can either mail or call them after 6 months checking politely if they would be interested. 
  • Invest in a mentor – In network marketing, self-investment is something really crucial. Some people see this investment of money as waste. But remember, most of the successful network marketers invested in some kind of coaching, mentoring, courses, resources and tools to run their business.

Investing in a mentor can be a great idea. You will be guided by someone from this field and is already growing. A mentor helps you to figure out many things that you need to focus on in the initial days of starting your MLM business. Starting your business under the supervision of a mentor helps you achieve an 80% result by putting in only 20% focused effort.

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