Augmented Reality (AR) provides the opportunity for your current and potential clients with a way to experience your product or service to view and experience your services through technology. It provides not only an opportunity for your customers to test drive products but also enhance what you’re currently offering.

In this video, Reekita Gala, CEO of VRARE, a Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality technology firm based out of the Boston area, as she provides critical insight on how to best leverage AR to expand your business. Although a relatively new technology, most companies have yet to roll out AR in their marketing and sales mix. Many key brands such as IKEA, MTV and the New York Times have successfully rolled out AR programs with great success. IKEA for one, have experienced over 5 million downloads and over 200 million catalog views thanks to implementing a strong AR based strategy.

AR is not the newest hottest trend, but a necessary component to keep up in this ultra-competitive business climate. You also don’t have to be a programmer to understand how it works. For example, Amazon has added Augmented Reality to its shopping app as you add furniture to a living space to see how it will look without ever having to leave your house.

Reekita shares some great tips on how to leverage AR for your brand:

  1. Treat AR Technology as an investment, not a cost;
  2. Your customer experience is paramount to your companies success;
  3. By having higher customer engagement will lead to more loyalty and revenue in the long run;
  4. Merge with current marketing efforts such as print advertising and also online ads;
  5. Use AR as part of your sales efforts to impress clients and offer a true “test drive”;

A successful rollout of AR technology for your business does not need to cost an arm and a leg. Reekita’s firm develops native apps that will not only get you into the AR game but may actually accelerate your revenue if adequately rolled out. She highlights some key industries that are currently using AR as a lead source of promotion.

Top 5 industries that are adopting adopt AR now according to Reekita:

  1. Real estate;
  2. Automobile;
  3. Education;
  4. Medical;
  5. Newspapers;

In fact, AR and other new technologies are disrupting all businesses across all industries forcing businesses to embrace digital transformation. Recently some restaurants in NYC have started using Augmented Reality on their menu which has enhanced the dining experience while attracting curious diners to see the latest in food technology. With Augmented Reality, the opportunities are truly endless.

Check out Reekita’s interview with Tom La Vecchia as she rolls out how to execute an effective Augmented Reality marketing strategy for your business.

Watch the video here:

To learn more about Reekita, go to or her company website: VRARE to connect with Reekita Gala

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