Many people today are trying to figure out how they can raise their awareness. Most people are trying to do so in the hopes to elevate some, or to get in touch with themselves in a holistic fashion. Whatever the reasons are it’s important to understand first what awareness is and why you would want to try to heighten it or raise it over time.

Awareness is a form of consciousness. It’s the consciousness that is observing what is happening around you all the time.

You are essentially conscious or aware of what is happening in your life. But what really does that mean? When it comes to awareness or being conscious of reality, there is a number of things to consider.

  • Are you aware that your perspective of reality determines your view of reality should be like?
  • That each person or thing has its one awareness of what reality should be.
  • That interaction between those views and others views is what creates reality.
  • That being more aware can include the understanding that you are only experiencing a small portion of what reality is?

These are serious questions as many of us would like to think that what we experience in life is the only reality that exists, and that what we do in our reality is important.

The truth is that each of us possesses a view of reality that is slightly different than any other person on earth – as the experts at Taileaters confirm.

The Brain

The brain is made up of over 100 billion neurons, and in those neurons, connections are being made to other neurons. Those connections average out to be over 100 trillion in number in a healthy human brain.

Each one of those connections to other neurons changes over time and can interact with each connection differently depending on the situation. This equates to a seamless endless amount of connections and optional ways for the brain to build its sense of reality.

Because of these complexities, no human mind is the same, or not even close. There are more neurons in the brain than the stars in the known universe… Chew on that for a moment.

In reference to awareness of reality, each one of us lives in our own universe. If you understand this, you can see how your perspective of reality may be vastly different than another person.

Things even get more complicated.

When we look at the human senses where we pick up our reality based on our surroundings, our eyes, ears, nose, and physical sensations only pick up on some of the available information from the outside world. Our brains then take that information and process it and screen out excess details to make it so that we can understand and perceive the world around us as consistent. There is, however, a vast amount of data that not only our brains are screening out, but that our sensory system is not evolved to perceive.

Some species can, however, pick up on different forms of information such as electromagnetic frequencies, such as bees and birds, and others on different smells like dogs and cats. Their reality is very different because of their different way of interacting with the world.

Now that we understand that our reality is complicated, and our awareness is limited, how can we increase our awareness? You can do so by quieting the mind.

Improving your awareness

Improving your awareness is merely seeing the world in a different light. The human brain is capable of doing so by slightly changing how it usually operates. You can do so through meditation, lucid dreaming, and even psychedelics.

All of these systems provide us with a way to alternately see the world and each one produces vastly different results.

When we quite the mind or change how it operates internally, we get to experience the world in a way that our brains typically don’t allow us to do so.

These practices create new ideas, new pathways for neurons to operate on, and in the result, we experience what we consider as creativity or insight. In that sense, nothing magical is happening, but the result seems very magical indeed. Many of these profound experiences can be life-changing and result in an awareness that is not only heightened but also very different.

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