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Besides being called Lake County because of its 22 lakes, this Illinois county is famous for other reasons. For example, it’s renowned for its ultra-premium winegrape-growing. It’s also famous for its pears and walnuts.

However, driving under alcohol control is a severe crime here. But if you do, don’t worry because a skilled attorney can help you fight crimes related to DUI Lake County. If found guilty, your case will end with obligatory punishments if found guilty. After imprisonment for driving under the influence (DUI), it may seem devastating to know that you could be shortly meeting the legal justice system. 

At this point, getting legal representation comes in handy. Otherwise, you could have trouble guarding your license, freedom, and future. If you have consumed any amount of liquor and are finally pulled over for any reason, you should know your rights. 

During a DUI investigation, do not admit to drinking alcohol. However, be respectful when refusing the officers’ questions concerning alcohol consumption. Tell the police that you would rather not respond to their questions without a lawyer being present. Besides, the officer cannot force you to perform field sobriety tests. Field sobriety tests are not safe, and most sober people cannot satisfactorily perform these tests. 

An expert DUI Attorney will present these facts and build a solid case for you. Your attorney may be able to show that the arrest was invalid, that the level of influence may not have been as high as indicated by the police, or that you should not be charged with a criminal offense at all. Here are a few points you must know if you get arrested for DUI in lake county.

Field Sobriety Tests

When you are being investigated for a DUI, an officer will usually request that you perform roadside field sobriety tests. These tests are commonly referred to as FST’s. They consist of “balance” tests and sometimes a portable breath test (PBT). Standardized field sobriety tests remain “standard” whether you are in Lake County or anywhere else in Illinois.

Most DUI attorneys in Lake County would recommend their clients to decline field sobriety tests. These balance tests are supposed to indicate a motorist’s sobriety. However, numerous factors could affect their reliability. Therefore, most attorneys believe that field sobriety tests should not be taken, especially when your court will be held at the main courthouse located in Lake County, Illinois. 

Even if you have taken roadside sobriety tests, your DUI Attorney will meticulously review all of the documented information and see if the conducted tests can even be considered admissible evidence. 

Breathalyzer Tests

If you are charged with DUI, the officer will most likely request you take a breathalyzer or other chemical test. These other tests could comprise blood or urine tests. You cannot be forced to take a blood or urine test unless the officer obtains a search warrant from a judge first. Lake County, Illinois, has an implied consent statute that will suspend your driver’s license for a certain period.

After an arrest for DUI, if you decline to take a breath or other chemical test, your driving privileges will be suspended for a minimum of one year. If you fail the other chemical or breath test, your license will be ceased for a minimum of six (6) months. If you are considered a second time DUI offender, the minimum suspension periods go up: Three (3) years for a refusal and one (1) year for a failure. This suspension takes place forty-six (46) days after your arrest. An experienced DUI attorney in Lake County, Illinois, can prevent this suspension from happening!

It is essential to consult an experienced DUI attorney immediately so that they can file the documents needed to fight your suspension. The necessary document is called a “Petition to Rescind Statutory Summary Suspension.” Illinois courts require this document to be filed within ninety (90) days of your DUI arrest.

Should You Cooperate With the Officer?

It is essential to cooperate with the officer in charge of your case. Present every document the police officer asks for, including license and insurance. If the officer asks you to leave your vehicle, you must comply.

Remember, you should kindly tell the officer that you want your attorney present for any further questioning. Immediately call a DUI defense lawyer to advise you on how to proceed. An attorney who practices DUI and criminal defense in Lake County could explain the best course to take.

Hiring a Lake County DUI defense lawyer is your best choice in building a strong case against your DUI charges. Your attorney cannot guarantee the outcome of your case, but they can guarantee that they will provide you with an aggressive defense and help you secure the best possible outcome for the situation. The lawyer you choose must have experience with DUI’s and criminal defense. 

If your suffering intensifies DUI charges, it is in your greatest interest to hire a DUI lawyer immediately after your arrest to make a solid case and maintain your rights.

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