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How To Create An Accent Wall In Your Entryway

An entryway is the first impression people get for your home. And although most of the times there is not too much space available there, it should again be decorated in the right way to be as functional as possible. A coat rack, a cupboard as well as a cup of shelves are the must-have parts of an entryway to organize your coats and jackets, shoes and keys. Also, a mirror is a must-have, so that you can check out your look before leaving your home. And besides making the entryway functional, you can also focus on decorating it. An accent wall will definitely steal the show and here you will find some ideas on how to create one in your entryway.

A Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is just one way to wish a warm welcome to your home and is a great choice to turn any plain wall into an accent wall. You can display some photos of you and your family, or maybe some interesting artwork. Feel free to mix and match any kind of art, as well as different shapes and sizes. Choose the frames to be in some neutral color to complement with the rest of the entryway decor. Or maybe, go for some bold colors to make them pop even more.

Stacked Stone Wall

Another way to create an accent wall in the entryway is to go for a stacked stone wall. Stacked stone walls can be quite versatile depending on the type and color of stones used. You can choose it to match with the rest of the walls or go for some contrasting shade to make this wall stand out. Also, you can cover the whole wall with stacked stones, or you may simply create some pattern. Adding some additional lighting fixtures will definitely make this wall pop out even more.

A Wall Mural or Simply Painted in Another Color

And in case you don’t want to bother yourself of adding a stacked stone wall or creating a gallery wall, then you can go for other easier alternatives. A wall mural is one of them. You can pick from versatile designs, whether some abstract design, some pattern or a stunning landscape design. You can even find some amazing 3D designs. Or one of the easiest way to create an accent wall is to paint in some other color. Go for a darker shade than the rest of the walls or maybe for some bold color to create a bigger statement.

Your entryway should be functional at first place, but it should also be decorated in the right way to leave a great first impression for your home. An accent wall will definitely add to the aesthetic look of the entryway. And the above ideas are just some of the best ways to create an accent wall in the entryway, so hopefully, you will get inspired from them.

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