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How To Design The Most Attractive Banners Ad Design Tips And Get More Clicks

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If you are thinking about running a PPC ad campaign, you will most likely need to design a banner. Similarly, you may need a banner to advertise on several blogs. Banners ads are very popular online and they are one of the most prolific forms of marketing used today to advertise online.

Creating a banner that stands out is very crucial especially if you are paying for impressions. You need to ensure that a user is attracted to click on the banner and check out your offer. Otherwise, you are wasting your money.


Ideally, the easiest way to ensure that your banner stands out and help you get an effective result with your campaign is to outsource the design to professional banner makers. However, if you are willing to create the banner yourself, you will find this article very useful. Keep on reading to find out how you can design the most attractive banners to get more clicks.

Top-Performing Type of Banner Ads

Google Adword is the most popular PPC advertising platform. According to them, the most successful standard banner sizes include:

72890px  Leaderboard

300600px  Half Page

300250px  Medium Rectangle

336280px  Large Rectangle

Top Ways To Make Your Banner Designs Stand Out And Get More Clicks

1. Be Concise

A banner ad is not the place to tell the entire story of your company. Whatever you want to communicate to your target audience must be summarized in just a few captivating words. You need to convey the key points and features using consumer language. Keep your banner ad short and sweet.

2. Use Simple Attractive Color

It is possible that your audience may be color blind. Unfortunately, there is no way to know this. Ideally, we would recommend you use only 2 colors. If there is a need to add more, it should not be more than 3 colors. Use simple colors that consumers are already used to. Some of the most popular colors to use include white, black, and green.

3. Use High-Quality Photo

Banner ads are not the place to save some bucks on photos. If you are going to add photos on your ad (recommended), it is important that they are of very high-quality. You can take your own photo or buy high-quality images from stock photo platforms.

4. Be Clear

Like we already mentioned above, keep your message short but more importantly, make sure it is clear. Use simple terms that are easy for your an average 13-year old to understand.

5. Use Bold Call-To-Action

After reading your message, what else should the audience do? You need to make use of a relevant call-to-action button that tells your customer exactly what you need him to do. This could be to “Sign Up”, “Call you” or “Visit Your Website” for more info.

6. Work With Professionals

We will really recommend that you work with professionals. Today, a lot of businesses are competing for the same customer, you need to stand out if you want to attract new customers. Working with professional banner designers like Ultimate Banners is one of the sure-fire ways to ensure that you create an awesome banner that easily attracts the attention of your target audience.

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