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How to Easily Create Landing Page in WordPress 2020?

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Home page, product page for e-commerce sites, contact page… The structure of a website is generally quite repetitive, and there are many good practice guides that explain how to design them successfully on the internet.

But perhaps you are not yet familiar with a very particular type of page.Today we talk about what they are and why you need Landing Pages.

These types of pages are crucial in most sites that intend to sell some type of product or service, so we are going to see some practical tips on how to create a landing page in WordPress step by step.

Of course, you can always leave the design and development of your landing pages to professionals with bulk page creator wordpress, which will save you time and end up making money by obtaining a better, much more efficient result. In that case, my recommendation is that you contact the MPG: Multiple Pages Generator today.

Basics of a Landing Page that Works

Even if all Landing Pages are different, we still notice some elements that appear unavoidably.

The purpose of this page is to keep your visitor on it, without distracting them from the rest of the site, to fill out your form or click on your call to action.

A landing page also presents a clearly stated value proposition. In the form of blocks of text, and possibly tables presenting your prices, you explain to your visitors what is in the key if they fill out your form or buy your offer.

If you decide to display a form directly, you will have to ask what information you need to offer a good user experience to your visitors. With the RGPD, this rule becomes more important than ever: it is not about collecting personal data that will not serve you, and it will not put your users in trust.

A button, which differs greatly from the rest of the page in terms of layout, containing an action verb (like »Register») does the trick.

Create your WordPress Landing Page with a Plugin

Generally, if there is a need in WordPress, you can be sure that there is also a plugin that solves your problem.

This is the case with Landing Pages – there are many extensions that pride themselves on helping you easily design them.

Benefits of WordPress Plugins for Landing Pages

This is a simple method. Just let the plugin take care of the different characteristics of the page, offering you more or less interesting templates, and already optimized for conversion.

We appreciate some advanced features in some plugins. This is the case for those that offer sales tunnels and integrated email solutions. Thus, you manage everything from the same extension, which facilitates your task, and allows you to focus on the performance of your page.

Points of Attention of this Method

Depending on the plugin you choose, you will have more or less freedom in the design of your page. Hence the interest of choosing your Landing Page plugin carefully, protecting it from those who will lock you up in a graphic letter that does not suit your needs.

Plugins to Create Landing Pages in WordPress


Instabuilder is a paid plugin to create your Landing Pages. Handy for those who have no appetite for code!This extension also gives you a dashboard to keep track of your page related stats and A / B testing.


OptimizePress is THE paid Landing WordPress Pages plugin. For $ 97, more than 300 predesigned page templates are available. Here too, the drag and drop interface is easy to learn, for quite advanced customization of the page layout.

The data that you will have access to with OptimizePress is also quite advanced, and the A / B testing functionality is easy to configure.

Parallax Gravity

With a magnificent WordPress module like Parallax Gravity, you can make boundless points of arrival. The module has been intended to make it simple to make a presentation page that changes over well. Parallax Gravity permits you to set a foundation and post any sort of substance on a greeting page.

WP Lead Plus Free

WP Lead Plus Free offers an extraordinary method to create points of arrival for a site. The module itself is anything but difficult to utilize. That implies that you will have the option to discover how it functions rapidly. Along these lines, it won’t take you long to assemble a presentation page with the module. The module highlights incorporate automated assistant combination, logo joining, foundation control, shading control, formats, video choices, just as numerous editable territories. You have to realize that the module has all that it takes to assemble a responsive greeting page.

Make your Point of Arrival with a Page Builder

At last, a presentation page is just a specific kind of page. Nothing that a page manufacturer keeps you from accomplishing, pretty much effectively and without breaking a sweat. With a visual interface, regularly intuitive, you can organize the components of your page anyway you need.

The Upsides of a Page Manufacturer to Make your Greeting Page

It is likewise a straightforward technique, particularly for learners who don’t have a specific hunger for HTML or CSS You can empower a page manufacturer on any topic, without influencing the design, in contrast to the past strategy.

Purposes of Consideration of this Strategy

To expand effectiveness, you have to ensure you pick a page manufacturer that as of now offers the components that you need to show up on your point of arrival. This is regularly the situation, yet don’t hesitate to check cautiously, as per your desires.

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