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It’s a nightmare for every homeowner – opening a fridge and get rotten milk, spoiled food, and sopping water. Most of the times we are unaware that our refrigerator is going to suffer a serious collapse until it is too late. Luckily, there are some tips to avoid such a situation.

We will tell you some brilliant ideas that will help to extend the life of your refrigerator so that it stays cool for longer. Even, some of them will enable you to recognize a problem before your refrigerator breakdown. If your fridge is not functioning well you can go to Appliance Repair Expert Richmond

Keep the compressor clean

The compressor is the main part of the refrigerator that keeps it cool. A sparkling and clean compressor is essential for the long life of your fridge. The cleaning of the compressor is done by keeping the toe kick dust-free on many freestanding models. It is recommended that clean the toe kick after every 3 to 6 months to prevent the compressor from heating.


Mostly we don’t pay attention to the placement of the fridge. Usually, we place the refrigerator in the corner of our kitchen. Unluckily, it isn’t the right place for a fridge. The kitchen isn’t normally a well-ventilated area which results in a generation of a high amount of heat which forces the motor and compressor of the fridge to work harder which eventually reduces the lifespan of your fridge.

We recommend placing the refrigerator at a distance from the oven, direct sunlight, and heat ventilators. In case you do not have many selections to place it, you can get rid of this issue by placing an insulated sheet in the middle of the refrigerator and oven, closing heat vents near the refrigerator and closing the curtains. Also, ensure that the heat produced from the stove doesn’t reach your refrigerator. For the proper functioning of your fridge, place it at a distance from the wall (a couple of inches) to properly circulate air to help disperse the excessive heat created by the refrigerator.  

Filling of the fridge is tricky

Filling the fridge is also important to make it stay healthy. It is essential to create a perfect balance between empty and overfilling. Overfilling it will hinder its capability to circulate air proficiently and leaving it empty, you will make it hard to sustain a constant temperature. You should keep your items at approximately 1-2” apart in the fridge and freezer or fridge. Also, don’t create a pile of things so that the appliance circulates air to all compartments effectively. 

Keep heat away 

As discussed earlier, you should keep all the heat sources at a distance to the refrigerator. Ovens, stoves and other heat sources force your fridge to work hard, spending lots of extra energy and reducing its life. Ensure that your refrigerator is at a distance from sunlight, and go for a refrigerator having a reflective surface. 

Decontaminate the coils with a vacuum

Basically, you should preserve your whole refrigerator clean including its body and inner area. You should check your fridge especially its backside and find the coils or a compartment with coils having coils in it. These are the condenser coils and are performing a significant function to keep your fridge operating properly.

When the coils are filled by dirt, and any other particulate matters, they aren’t working at their full pace. You should ensure the regular cleaning of your refrigerator coils to extend its lifespan. Do it once a year and that is fine and if doing once every 2 to 3 years will make sure that the refrigerator stays well. You can use a vacuum to remove dirt from the coils. You can also go for Appliance Repair Expert Richmond for professional repair if needed. 

Set the right temperature 

You must keep an eye on the temperature of the refrigerator as the temperature matters a lot. A single turn of the temperature dial to increase temperature can make your food remains cold and save you a lot of money. The optimum temperature for the refrigerator is 38°F and 4°F for the freezer. In reality, there is no need to go further colder. 

Follow these rules and make your refrigerator last long. Try it today!

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