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As a pet owner, sure you want your Yorkie puppy to be happy and healthy. It’s important to give him a full and comfortable life. Most importantly, you have to know how to feed him properly. This task seems complicated at times. The thing you need to do is choose dog foods carefully. At the same time, you need to stick to a recommended feeding regimen as well. Check out this post, we will help you with feeding your Yorkie puppy.

Wean Your Puppy

You should combine canine milk replacer with your puppy’s foods. You can transfer them from liquid to solid foods based on your puppy. The ideal time to do this is from three to six weeks old. You should also consult your breeder about this transition. Think about adding a quality canine milk replacer to his diet. This helps to transfer a liquid diet to a solid one.

The process of transition your pet from the food he is eating to the new food should happen gradually. It’s best to mix his current foods with new food. By this way, you can avoid digestive problems he may get due to abruptly switching from old food to the new one. But, you need to transfer him from liquid to solid food at the same time.

Place his food far away from him all day. You should wean your puppy when he is from 4 to 7 weeks. At this stage, it’s best to allow your puppy to eat anything he wants whenever he needs. This aims to avoid hypoglycemia as well as low blood sugar. Also, it helps to promote growth.

Choose the proper food

The food you feed your puppy has to contain meat as the first ingredient. Many pet owners decide to feed their dog a manufactured food. Some choose a canned or kibble variety. Ingredients of a dog food are normally listed in descending order on the nutrition label. So, look for foods with meat as the first item listed.

Look for a dog food rich in calorie. If you have a small dog, it’s best to feed him a high-calorie diet. In fact, small dogs expend a lot of energy all day long. Also, you need to choose foods made with toy breeds and small dogs. These foods contain a higher calorie content than ones for bigger dogs.

Many pet owners wonder whether they should choose canned or kibble. If you are finding foods for your Yorkies, you should choose kibble foods instead of wet canned foods. These foods can be able to clean your Yorkie’s teeth. But, you can choose ones depending on the type of food your puppy loves.

Choose a food with small pieces. They will help your Yorkie digest his food more easily. But, if you pick a canned food, you needn’t concern about this step.

Feed your Yorkie home-cooked food. By this way, you can remove chemicals, coloring, and fillers in it. You should feed your puppy a mixture of 1/3 protein, 2/3 vegetables, and grains. There are some important items to choose when making home-cooked dog food. They include meat, vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates, as well as extras like eggs and cottage cheese.

Follow a Feeding Regimen

Determine the amount of food to feed your puppy. It’s essential to feed growing puppies about 45 to 55 calories per pound a day. You need to also consider your budget when deciding the food to feed him. Also, don’t forget to check the label when choosing ones. Then, choose the food that offers sizes according to his weight.

Feed him several small meals. If you wean your puppy, you should feed him scheduled meals. It’s ideal to feed him 3-4 small meal per day. The last meal should be at least two hours before his bedtime. Consider a well-scheduled day in order to promote good behavior.

Avoid feeding your puppy too many snacks and treats. They may affect your puppy’s meals for the day. Indeed, your puppy has very small stomachs. Thus, you just should feed him snacks and treats as a reward for good behavior. Don’t feed him foods with chemicals. Instead, choose white or cream-colored treats to feed him.

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