Are you looking for ideas to renovate your cozy little living room? You’ve come to the right place. Decorating living rooms and the especially smaller living room is quite hard. But it is not impossible to decorate them in a right way.

There are some tricks by which you can make your space appear larger and more attractive.

1. Add mirrors: Have you tried adding mirrors to your tiny space? They do not take up any space on the floor and only cover the walls. But since mirrors reflect light, space appears brightened and illuminated. If you want to add some ambiance to place, consider placing a candle stand or a pendant lamp next to it. This will add to the beauty and give a soft, regal look. Putting a mirror opposing a window reflects the view and gives an illusion of another window.

2. Use Up the Walls: In other words, you have to draw the eye upwards. Mostly, in small spaces the ceilings are high. If that is the case, you can make your tiny room appear much larger than usual by just drawing the eye upward. So, decorate the walls with small mirrors or paintings. I’m sure you will love the experience. You can also adorn the walls with ceramic plates; they look beautiful. A menagerie of small sized artwork can accentuate the room’s walls.

3. Go Neutral with Colors: If you have a smaller space, you should not opt for colors that are dark. Because darker colors tend to make, space looks more crammed up. So opt for neutral shades of beige and soft browns or off-white. They will make space seem larger. They seek to push the walls off, thereby creating the illusion of increased space. Neutral shades are also much more calming compared to brighter colors and add a touch of sophistication.

4. Lighter Furniture: If the living room is already small, you shouldn’t be choosing furniture made out of massive wood carvings. A comfortable, cushiony armchair is a good substitute for a wooden sofa. The coffee table should have a minimalistic appearance, and altogether, you should put less furniture in the living room. Another way of creating space with the help of furniture is by floating the furniture across the room. If you arrange the furniture in a centralized way, it will generate the illusion of more space in the room.

5. Light Up Space: You should light up space strategically so that it gives the illusion of a brightly illuminated space. Choose cute lights that you can hang from the ceilings, this way you can draw the attention up to the roof and efficiently utilize the space.

Bonus Tip: Add a useful furniture piece to your living room that helps you keep a lot of things in place; this adjustable height desk can prove helpful. You can use it for your kids as well; they can use it for having meals or playing.

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