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How To Find an Experienced Registered Migration Agent

Without knowing the complete details and required formalities it can become quite a difficult process if you are wanting to migrate to another country for a job, studies, with a spouse or with the family. It is important to engage expert assistance for the migration process so that you prevent your visa application from bouncing back to you. Migration agents help you with navigating through the eligibility criteria and what type of visa fits best for your situation?

They assist you in the application process and increase the likelihood of your application getting approved. It is not because they are persistent but they actually know the right methodology to be applied to the application along with ensuring the application documentation is complete. So this further results in a lower likelihood of the application being rejected. If you are looking for a Registered Migration Agent when migrating to Australia you may access expert guidance from Freeman Migration Services Australia.

So how do you find an experienced migration agent?

A Guide To Help You Choose The Right Migration Agent:

To seek the right person, as a migration agent you must first check their registration is valid and current. For instance, if you planning an immigration to Australia then the migration agent must be registered on the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA).

The official website of Australian Immigration also provides you with assistance in choosing a specialised agent based on your requirements. They have a separate list as per the type of visa required and geographical location. Each country has their own registered systems for agents. Only registered lawyers or agents are able to work as registered migration agents or else it is considered to be illegal.

Before finalising your selection of a migration agent you should look for the following traits:

• They should be a registered agent with the authority of your destination country.

• Must be able to provide you complete knowledge about the choice of visa, necessary documents, application process and time required for approval.

• They should be able to explain to you the eligibility criteria for the type of visa you choose and whether or not you fulfil the requirements.

• They should keep all your information confidential.

• They should inform you about the expenses involved in the complete visa application process.

• It is the duty of a migration agent to keep you updated with the real-time progress of your application.

• Apart from that, they should also provide you with possible worst case scenarios that may result in the rejection of your application. What steps you should take next? The reapplication process? Chances of approval on the second attempt and additional time and money required etc.

• If you opt for an agent in your own country then they must be registered with your national and local government too. They should possess all the necessary permissions and registration requirements of your own country.

You can even confirm the registration of the migration agent by directly contacting the registration authority of the particular country like MARA for Australia, USCIS for the US, ICCRC for Canada etc.

If you, at any time, find that the lawyer or immigration agent is not authorised you should not hire them as your agent. It is very important to check the current status of person you considering engaging with the authorities of the respective country, be it your own country or destination country for immigration.

Final Words:

Immigration to a new country is a legal procedure and you should be very clear with all your visa application formalities. Visa application mistakes can result in major consequences. So it is important to act wisely. If you have made up your mind to hire an immigration agent first check their experience and registration. Take your time to choose the right person who can provide you with proper guidance and practical knowledge of the visa application process.

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