Everyone who smokes weed wants to smoke the best weed. Nobody wants the wet, sticky stuff that tastes like damp. Fortunately, the 2018 legalization of cannabis in Canada and the 2001 legalization of medical cannabis dispensaries in Canada, mean that you don’t have to search very far to get served.

However, being served with weed and being served with good weed, are two different things. When it comes to finding the best of the best, marijuana consumers in Canada had a difficult switch to make from the black market to legal dispensaries – so how did they find the best dispensaries to sell them weed online?

What makes a medical marijuana product the best?

First of all, we need to define what exactly you are looking for, when you say you want the best medical marijuana products online? Is it that you need paraphernalia? Do you need a vape, papers, or roach boards? The best medical marijuana products might not be sold in the same place as the best marijuana strains are, so you need to find a company that sells both.

Further, the condition that you are suffering from can have an impact on the medical marijuana products that you use. The best medical marijuana product from a nearby dispensary might well treat inflammation or insomnia without having any effect on any pain relief you might need.

What Medical Marijuana Products are Used for Which Medical Conditions?

To give you some idea of the strains that will be the best medical marijuana products for you, we made a note of which strains are used to treat which conditions. Have a browse through our list before you commit to buying medical marijuana products online.

Don’t forget that you can consult with expert staff, too, in many dispensaries. We have found that some of the most knowledgeable dispensary staff in Canada belong to the online retailer of medical marijuana products, Hybridfast.

Some of the best medical marijuana strains for treating conditions include:

  • Best medical marijuana for nausea includes Durban Poison and Kush strains.
  • Best medical marijuana strains for migraines include Black Magic Kush and Crystalberry[i].
  • Best medical marijuana strains for fibromyalgia include Harlequinn and Blueberry[ii].
  • Best medical marijuana strains for pain include Sour Diesel and White Widow[iii].
  • Best medical marijuana strains for mental wellness include Jack Herer and Lemon Skunk.
  • The best medical marijuana strains for IBS are said to be Cannatonic and Pennywise[iv].

If you have another condition, you should speak to the owner of a dispensary near you, who should be able to advise you on a medical marijuana strain that suits your needs.

Where to Find Medical Marijuana?

It is fairly easy to find medical marijuana retailers online. What it is not so easy to do, is to entrust your money to a company you have never heard of before. For this reason, we would always advise consumers of medical marijuana to buy their weed from a dispensary.

Medical marijuana dispensaries are usually located in countries which have legalized weed. Needless to say, you shouldn’t be trying to buy weed online if it is still illegal in your country or state. You shouldn’t have cannabis shipped out of the country so you shouldn’t try to order from out of state or country lines.

To check if your dispensary is a reputable one and therefor capable of selling you the best medical marijuana products online, you should be sure to check their pages carefully. A reputable dispensary will have multiple payment options, as well as multiple consumer reviews or testimonials to the validity of their business.

Medical marijuana might seem complex, but as you make your first purchase, you will realize it isn’t as complicated as you originally thought. Don’t be put off. Medical marijuana could be all you need to start living a better quality of life, today.



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