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Tips for Trying Cannabis and Avoiding Side Effects

Marijuana has had a historic decade of legal victories for both medical and personal consumption. As of 2019, 33 U.S. states have legalized marijuana in some form or another, whether it be unfettered access for recreational use or for use under strict medical guidelines. With over half of the country having the ability to partake in marijuana legally, many people who have never tried it before obviously have plenty of
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Medical Mistakes and How to Prevent Future Mishaps

Our health is one of the most important things in our lives that can be overlooked or mismanaged, even by professionals. Mistakes can often be made, and important ailments may be completely missed even by the most stringent of doctors. Despite this, we have to keep on top of things in order to make sure that we properly maintain our health. However, though medical mishaps are fairly common, we don’t
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Can Marijuana Help Relieve Anxiety and Chronic Pain?

Marijuana has been hailed as a treatment for several conditions in recent years. In states where medical marijuana is legal, it’s been used to relieve chronic pain, minimize nausea caused by chemotherapy drugs, reduce the effects of active seizure disorders, and increase the appetite of patients suffering from HIV, nerve pain, and other chronic conditions such as Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. GERD affects nearly 20 percent of the adult population in
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Blog: The Truth about Marijuana, the Medicinal Drug

Marijuana is an herb that since time immemorial has been used for achieving euphoria. Is Marijuana a medicinal drug? This is yet to be confirmed though some people claim to have used it for medicinal value. As much as use of Marijuana is illegal is many countries, from 2737 B.C, marijuana was described in a Chinese Medical compilation. It is made from chemicals called cannabinoids. The chemical is extracted from
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420FL: We Smoke Hard, We Hit Hard

For years from college campuses to bars across this country the “sport” of Beer Pong has taken off. It was just another way for people to get drunk, and have an excuse to do so. While the poison that is alcohol was in the forefront, the natural and actually medicinal marijuana was always in the background. But as states all over the U.S. begin to either totally legalize pot, or
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Culture: Why It’s Time To Finally Legalize Marijuana

CLEVELAND – With the U.S. Supreme Court’s ground-breaking decision to legalize same-sex marriages nationwide, could the legalization of marijuana be far behind. Thanks to states such as Colorado and Washington being the first to legalize marijuana in 2014, the—pardon the pun—grassroots campaign to make weed legal in the United States is beginning to gain momentum. In a Newsweek column written by Beau Kilmer titled, “So You Want To Legalize Weed?”,
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San Francisco 49ers: Aldon Smith Out Indefinitely

On Friday morning San Francisco 49ers outside linebacker Aldon Smith got arrested on suspicion of a DUI, marijuana possession and pills were also found. After today's loss to the Indianapolis Colts 49ers CEO Jed York has announced that Smith will not play on Thursday night against the St. Louis Rams and won't be with the team for an indefinite period of time as he enters rehab. York said "I am willing to support Aldon as long as he is willing to work at this and fight to
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San Francisco 49ers: Aldon Smith Arrested On Suspicion Of A DUI

The San Francisco 49ers might be without their best pass rusher as outside linebacker Aldon Smith has apparently been arrested on suspicion of a DUI. It is now the second time Smith has gotten in trouble for driving under the influence since January of 2012 and in that situation the charges got reduced to reckless driving. Late this is what got tweeted by the Santa Clara County Sheriff's office late this morning in regards to the arrest. Aldon Smith was
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Marijuana Decriminalized In RI : Four Months Later

Marijuana legalization has been a hot topic of debate throughout America in recent years, and it's really been heating up as of late.  The recent statement by NYC comptroller John Liu that he'd like it legalized and taxed adds a whole new level of credibility (and excitement) to the cause. In fact, on top of any medical use for marijuana, financial reasons have been some of the biggest arguments in favor
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Kick Back, Relax, and Legalize Marijuana

Public support for legalizing marijuana has gained traction and for the first time in the history of the United States. In the latest nationwide survey of 1,501 people polled in mid-March about the subject 52 percent of those surveyed favored making weed legal, and 72% said that efforts to enforce anti-marijuana laws bring more cost than benefit. Medical marijuana available through prescription only gets used to treat a variety of disorders including the loss of appetite,