Wedding Style

A wedding is a celebration of love. It’s also an opportunity to celebrate the two people tying the knot. Memorable weddings are as different and singular as the couples planning them, but what they all have in common is the attention to detail that goes into a special, one-of-a-kind wedding event. Planning that unique spin is a fun challenge – and it’s why so many brides and grooms are eager to personalize their wedding day. 

To personalize your wedding in a way that feels authentic, understanding your wedding style is crucial. Before you make any decisions about your big day, consider how you and your partner want the celebration to look and feel. Thoughtfully chosen decor and lighting are just the beginning – by deciding on goals for the overall mood and ambiance of the day, the other details will easily fall into place.

Consider these four popular wedding styles before committing to a specific aesthetic. Get a sense of what speaks to you and your partner, and wedding planning will be a breeze!


Romantic Weddings

Also known as traditional or classic weddings, these celebrations honor the timeless romance of your relationship. Ceremonies often take place in churches or gardens, with elegant color palettes to match the dignified settings. White, pink, navy and black are most often used in these kinds of ceremonies, with a black-tie formalwear dress code to match. 

To host your own romantic wedding, go for a ballgown style dress or a tuxedo. Pair your sophisticated fashion sense with a live performance from a string quartet at the ceremony. Adorn your backdrop with white roses and peonies – the photos taken that day will age marvelously!  

Contemporary Weddings

If a traditional wedding isn’t your vibe, you may want to go in the opposite direction entirely. Modern or contemporary weddings are incredibly stylish, featuring aesthetics from the cutting edge of wedding fashion. Often held in art galleries, lofts, museums or other industrial spaces, these celebrations feel fresh and timely. 

Should you go this route, you’ll want to let your venue be the main attraction. In settings as visually stunning as the aforementioned options, let your decor enhance what’s already there rather than compete for attention. Simple color palettes with pops of bold color work well. Your fashion, too, can be edgy or playful. Don’t forget lighting can be used to creatively dress your venue in unique and unexpected ways.

Rustic Weddings

Greenery, mason jars, and starlight help define this kind of wedding style. If you and your partner enjoy the outdoors and want a laid-back approach to tying the knot, a rustic wedding checks all the boxes. Any kind of celebration that embraces nature and feels a bit rough around the edges can fit into this category of wedding style. 

To really embrace the bohemian vibe, find formalwear that reflects your laid-back style. Flower crowns and chiffon photograph beautifully while adding a sense of simplicity and beauty to your day. Men can embrace fun fashion trends – a paisley bowtie or velvet suit jacket add playful elements to a relaxed atmosphere. 


Themed Weddings

Quirky couples who are eager to share their passions with the world will love the chance to host a themed wedding. These events often reflect the personal interests of the happy couple. If you’re both big sci-fi fans and want your wedding party dressed like Stormtroopers, go big or go home! Your wedding day is a reflection of your love for one another, but also for the things you share. Why not embrace that, whether it comes in the form of pop culture artifacts, a shared love of the rodeo or an affection for dogs? There are unlimited themes to consider when you think about it: Navy couples may want a nautical themed event with anchors and bowlines adorning the setting, while those tying the knot mid-winter may want to embrace an all-white color palette to reflect their snowy surroundings. Whatever you choose, themed weddings are a great way to personalize your big day.

Your Signature Style

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the gorgeous options available for your wedding day. By talking with your partner about how you hope to feel during your wedding, you may get a better sense of direction in your planning. Finding your wedding style isn’t something that happens overnight, so take plenty of time to peruse bridal magazines and wedding blogs before making any major decisions. Soon enough, you’ll be able to envision how your special day will look, and Complete Weddings + Events will be here to help bring it to life!

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