A lot of various insects constantly live near a person. But if dragonflies, bumblebees are not particularly frightening, then ants can be terrifying. Once settled in a house or apartment, these invaders can turn a dwelling into a battlefield in a matter of days. Small pests trample paths to food, fall into mugs of water, sweet tea, crawl on bed linen and clothes. The problem is complicated by their incredible survivability and the difficulty of finding an anthill. Let’s figure out how to drive away pests, what a good insect repeller is and why this particular device is advised.

Ways of penetration of ants into the dwelling 

Insects enter an apartment or house in a variety of ways:

  1. On shoes and clothes. Coming from the street, we bring with us a lot of garbage, which may contain a couple of insects.
  2. In an open window. At the time of departure from the nest, mature females have wings. They are needed to fly to new nesting sites, which may be your home.
  3. With furniture, things, household items. When moving or delivering from a store, ants may well be in the box.
  4. Through ventilation systems, vents in the foundation, other openings.

There is plenty of food next to a person, there is no wind and heat – these are ideal conditions for ants to live. Settling in the house, insects will try their best to stay in such a safe place. Getting them out will be difficult.

How to find a nest 

If you are going to deal with uninvited guests, you need to find their habitat. It is pointless to crush insects with a slipper, the ant queen is a “machine” for the production of new eggs. The more you destroy adults, the more intensively the female lays eggs. The nest of ants can be located in any hard-to-reach and dark place.

No matter how difficult it is, it is possible to find their place of residence. It is only necessary to trace where the loaded wreckers run. Most likely, this will be a place under the kitchen cabinet, under the bathroom, in the pantry and other hidden corners.

When the abode of pests is revealed, the fight against them becomes a matter of time.

Folkways to eliminate ants in an apartment and house

Over the years of “neighbourhood,” people have developed many options for dealing with ants. Here are some basic ways:

  1. Repelling odours. Insects do not tolerate the sharp smells of boric acid, soda, ammonia, borax, essential oils. Substances are dissolved in water, surfaces are wiped with mixtures, floors are treated. Perhaps for a short time, the ants will leave, but not forever. The smells disappear, but the food remains, so nothing will stop you from settling in the house of a new colony. In addition, the sharp aroma of essential oil, the smell of ammonia can cause migraines in property owners, harm children, four-legged pets.
  2. Insecticides. Ready gels, sprays, powders, crayons are also not always effective. Poisonous compounds, toxic substances act not only on ants but also on people and pets. It’s scary to imagine what will happen if a child puts the powder in his mouth! Poisoning cannot be avoided, as well as negative health consequences.
  3. Professional and treatment. The method is 100% effective, but expensive and not always possible. Pest control specialists treat premises with toxic substances that spoil furniture and decoration. The service costs a lot of money; they resort to it only in the most difficult cases.

So, folk methods, as well as ready-made substances, are not suitable, but the ants must be driven out. Insect repelle rs will come to the rescue.

The most effective and reliable way to get rid of ants in the apartment and house

What is an insect repeller is a device that generates magnetic resonance or ultrasonic waves of different frequencies. The principle of operation is different, the result is the same – the insects leave the house and never return. The electromagnetic repeller uses low-frequency waves in its operation, the ultrasonic repeller uses high frequency. Insects cannot get used to the variable frequency, nor can they adapt to ignore the wave; it causes anxiety and a sense of danger in ants.

Insect repeller EcoSniper AN-A325 harms the nervous system of ants, forcing them to leave inhabited areas. The devices have several significant advantages:

  • safe for humans, pets;
  • do not emit toxic substances, poisons;
  • show 100% efficiency;
  • easy to operate and install;
  • are used as a prevention of the appearance of ants and for their elimination;
  • do not kill insects, but expel them – this is the most humane option to get rid of the “goosebumps”.

You don’t have to look for a nest, sprinkle poisons, set baits and traps, spray essential oils and rub floors with walls with an ammonia solution. Install an electromagnetic or ultrasonic repeller, put it into operation – a couple of trifles. And this is where the human intervention ends, the compact device will take care of the rest of the care of expelling the ants.

Of course, you should not expect a miracle, even after the launch of the EcoSniper AN-A325 insect repeller, an army of uninvited tenants will not “explode” from the apartment. It takes time to eliminate pests, but the result will not have to wait long. In addition, the device must be correctly selected, installed, taking into account the placement of furniture, the location of the walls. To get detailed answers to questions, buy a quality device, call our managers. Experts will help you choose the device according to your requirements and share all the necessary information.

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