Being with just one person is not that easy, particularly when there is temptation all around. However, if you make an effort, it is possible to stay happy together. There is an old saying that human beings like animals aren’t meant to stay in a monogamous relationship. Nevertheless, it might not be true. Sure, animals and human beings might have overlapping traits, but the similarities don’t extend beyond that. Animals cannot tell right from wrong, but humans can.

If you add some fun into the monogamous relationship, you can be happy. Here are a few tips that will help you to stay in a monogamous relationship.

Choose a Partner whose Sexual Drive will Match Yours

People have different libido. So, the sexual urges they have might be different. Often, people blame their difference in libido as the reason to feel bored. So, you should settle down with someone with mismatched sex drives. Hence, you have to be honest from the very beginning. Sure, you can make false claims to please. Your mental health is linked to sexual health. Hence, you need to pay attention to compatibility. This will help in moving forward together.

Go for a Casual Relationship

At times, being in a monogamous relationship can be a little boring. However, you can have casual encounters with girls who don’t want to be tied down in a serious relationship. You can match with a couple on Latinomeetup where you will find the person of your choice. Being in a casual relationship where you can step out any time you want can be quite fun.

Keep Rebooting Newness

When in a monogamous relationship, you tend to get sucked into a routine. However, the best thing about routine life is that even a small change can make things seem exciting. However, you should not assume that new means of agreeing to polygamy or threesome or using whip during your sexual encounters. Novelty between the sheets does not have to be something remotely sexual. You and your partner can take on a new activity like traveling, cooking, jogging, theatre-going, or reading aloud. These can release dopamine, the love drug in your brain.

Work towards a Feasible Goal

One of the reasons why couples are unable to maintain monogamy is because they drift away from their partner. So, they start to live separate lives and forge new relationships with some other people. You should not let this happen. It is important that you and your partner work towards a common goal.

Embrace Jealousy

Jealousy can be demoralizing particularly when you are in a relationship. Obviously, you would like to catch your partner checking out someone else or talking to their ex over social media sites. However, the negative connotation is not completely deserved when it comes to jealousy. So, instead of getting angry when you find yourself imprisoned in jealousy, you have to understand that you are experiencing universal human emotion. So, you will have to use it as an inspiration to make it work. Remember, a little friendly competition is not going to hurt anyone.

Discuss Your Hopes and Dreams

When you start with a monogamous relationship, you have your dreams and hopes. However, with time, these dreams and hopes might fade away. You should not let it go. You need to set aside a time for discussing the dreams for the future. Make sure that you support each other and work to make the dreams come true.

Greet Your Partner with Excitement

The way you are greeting each other after you are apart for some time helps in setting the tone for the remaining time of the day. You can change small habits like the way you are greeting each other when your partner gets home. This will help you make your monogamous relationship strong. You can hug and kiss your partner to show your joy at seeing them. It helps in starting everything on the right foot and will help you to reconnect after being apart.

Focus on the Win

Avoid keeping score of everything that you do. Hence, you need to give up on the need to be right. People who are in a happy relationship do not view themselves as two separate entities. In a relationship, there is no I win or you lose. Rather than they focus on win-win. This means you should be willing to compromise and admit if you are wrong. You and your partner need to focus on being happy rather than being right.

Express Your Feelings

You should not forget to use words to express your feelings to your partner. At times people forget all the mushy that they used to say to each other with their relationship maturing. So, you should say ‘I love you’, often. You should not shy away from expressing your feelings.

Remember, that your partner is a person and you shouldn’t treat them as a trophy or a toy. They need all the love, respect, and affection that you can give. If your partner is happy, they, in turn, are going to make you happy. This will give you fewer reasons to come out of the monogamous relationship. To keep the spark alive, you can behave like new couples. Shower your partner with the love and attention they deserve. If you stay focused on one relationship, you are not going to seek another.


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